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Sep 18, 2006 02:20 PM

Late Night Dining in Montreal

We arrive in Montreal @ 7 pm and I imagine it will take an hour or more to get through passport lines and luggage pick up. I am estimating we will arrive @ Les Passants Sans Soucy on Rue St. Paul around 9ish. Any great tips for where to eat in the area at that hour? We are saving Lemeac(after 10 om) for the next evening after we hit the Lantern Festival @ The Botanical Garden.

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  1. 9-ish doesn't count as "late-night" dining in Montreal, and you won't have any trouble finding a restaurant. Search the board for tips on Old Montreal though, in order to avoid tourist traps near your hotel. Chez L'Épicier is on St. Paul East and is a great spot (Montrealers do eat there!) with a lovely wine list.

    1. The kitchen of Garde Manger, on St-Francois-Xavier just north of St. Paul, is open until midnight. The only difficulty you might experience is if you are arriving on a Monday night when many restaurants in Old Montreal are closed.