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Sep 18, 2006 02:15 PM

Dordogne Dining Suggestions - Here's My List.

We’ll be in the area, based at La Roque Gageac, for just over a week next month. We’ll be eating out, mostly, for lunch and dinner. Here is a compilation of our researched dining choices:

L’Esplanade in Domme *

Jardin d’Epicure near St Cyprien *

La Plume d’Oie in Roque Gageac *

Pres Gaillardou near Roque Gageac *

Belle Etoile, in Roque Gageac

Le Presidial in Sarlat *

Le Relais des Cinque Chateau, in Vezac

La Metarie at/about les Eyzies de Tayac

Le Moulin de l’Abbaye in Brantome *

The ones with the asterisks (*) are the ones that appealed to us the most, based on our readings.

I’m looking for comment/remarks on my list and/or suggestions on other restaurants what we shouldn’t miss out on. Also, we are willing to drive 2 hours for a nice lunch.

Thank you.

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  1. I still have very fond memories of Moulin Du Roc. It's a beautiful restaurant close to Brantome in a town called Champagnac de Belair. We had a wonderful lunch. I hope the quality has stayed at the same level. The Dordogne is a magical area.. make sure you see Rocamadur and the best cave (at least for me) was a bit of a trip to the Lot Valley near Cahors.. Peche Merle. Sorry I strayed from dining but I love this part of France.


    1. RCC, I will also be in the region for a week in October so I am interested in the responses to your query. Two additional places that I have read good things about are:

      La Recreation (in the Lot, focus of Michael Sander's book, "You Can't See Paris from Here.")
      Le Vieux Logis, Tremolat (reasonable lunch menu)

      Can anyone comment on these, as well as those on Rcc's list?? Many thanks!

      1. We just returned from France, did 4 days near Rocamadur. Discovered the Lion D' Or in Gramat. New chef and they are making good progress towards being a fine restaurant. Very good food, young and friendly dining room staff, prices (including a 22,50 nightly 3 course menu)are very fair now. My guess is they will rise as they get local recognition. We were very surprised how English the area has become and how crowded Sarlat was.

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          If you are in Rocamadour I recommend Le Relais des Gourmands over the Lion D'Or (although I agree that it is also very good). The Relais got a Michelin 2-star rating about 3 years ago. We go there every time and especially love Gerard's cassoulet: http://www.relais-des-gourmands.com/

          For a fancier dining experience, we had a beautiful meal at the 3-star Pont de Louysse near Lacave: http://www.lepontdelouysse.fr/index_g...

        2. Hello! We have a house in La Roque Gageac and know most of the restaurants very well (exceptions: Jardin des Epicures, Metarie, Moulin de l'Abbaye). With one exception, the restaurants you have selected are OK to good. The exception is the Plume'd'Oie. We ate there once only but that was once too often. I would advise very strongly against this establishment; it is a pleasant small dining room, but the man in the kitchen does not appear to know his onions and the prices are absurdly high. Strike it off the list and asterisk the Belle Etoile. This restaurant is consistently good and very reasonably priced; it is certainly superior in all respects to the third restaurant in La Roque Gageac on your list, the Pres Gaillardou. The Relais des 5 Chateaux is fine, but it is probably advisable to stick to one of the basic Menus, especially the Menu Castelnaud rather than opt for the higher -priced Menu Gourmand, which was not a success on the one occasion we decided to splash out there. Le Petit Paris in Daglan is also good; again stick to the basic menu and do not be tempted by the more expensive choice. The Esplanade in Domme is pleasant, especially when not too busy, but pricey. If you want top-end dining (at a top-end price)better by far to go the Centenaire in Les Eyzies. You will pay through the nose but you will eat splendidly. The Presidial is one of the best, if not the best restaurant in Sarlat, but if you want a less expensive meal in Sarlat, the basic menu (ca 14/15 Euros) at the Rapiere is excellent and outstanding value. Finally, if you are prepared to make the trek out to Salignac, the Meynardie is probably the best restaurant in terms of value for money in the area. It is an excellent, serious restaurant, has never disappointed us and is very reasonably priced. I wish you an enjoyable trip and good eating.

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            Thank you for the wonderful rundown! I have heard that the people from the Meynardie have opened a place in Sarlat..Bistro d'Octroi or a similar name...do you have any thoughts on that?

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              Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Truly appreciated.

              We have short-listed our choices and included Meynardie in Salignac and Centanaire in Les Eyzies. Centanaire looks like a winner and the menu looks great in their website.

            2. le Centenaire was a great experience, we have been there about 4 or 5 times and always walked away happy. The price value ratio is very good.