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Sep 18, 2006 01:54 PM

Postrio or Trattoria del Lupo? (Las Vegas)

We are thinking of going to Postrio with a large group . . .does anyone who has been there have any thoughts on whether this restaurant is a good choice? We are also considering Trattoria del Lupo . . .are these restaurants similar? Is one better than the other? TIA chowhounds. We don't have a clue about restaurants in Las Vegas, so any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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  1. I ate at Lupo several years ago and came away very unimpressed. Frankly, I have generally been less than impressed with Wolfgang Puck restaurants in Las Vegas. I want to like them, but I've given up.

    There are many other Italian restaurants in Las Vegas that folks on this board have raved about. I have not eaten at any, but I'm sure you will get other suggestions.


    1. I've eaten at Postrio many times and have yet to have a bad meal. The food is great, the service is very good, and you can take a group and sit out on their "patio" or grab a quiet table inside for a romantic dinner.