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Sep 18, 2006 01:45 PM

Good Chinese Delivery around 24th & Lex?

I am looking for the best chinese delivery around this area. We usually order from Jimmy's House or dumplings from Noodels on 28th but we are quickly getting sick of these places now and need something new. Does anyone have suggestions for a place that's good? We tried FriendHouse and the Cottage and were not too impressed. Thanks

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  1. Its on 38 or 39th but i like Wu Liang Ye quite a bit.

    1. I second Wu Liang Ye on 40th and Lex. Try their chicken with spicy capsicum and wontons in chili oil. I also order from Grand Sichuan on 34th and lex. Not as good as the other ones but is pretty good for delivery in the area.