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Sep 18, 2006 09:06 AM

ISO SF romantic vegetarian

I'm planning to take my boyfriend out for his birthday. He's vegetarian, and has been to Greens but was underwhelmed. What do people think of Millennium? A pure vegetarian place would be ideal, but what are some great places that don't have just one veggie entree in the menu? Please help!

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    1. millenium is a little bit cultish. i'm a veggie, and i really like venticello - it's italian, near grace cathedral, and they have several entrees w/o meat. very nice atmosphere too.

      1. Incanto always has a lot of vegetarian appetizers and sometimes a fair selection of vegetarian pastas and entrees.

        1. How about Cafe Jacqueline? You can order vegetarian souffles and it is really romantic.