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a good chinese place in Chinatown?

Hi looking for a nice not too noisy chinese place with deliciuos food for a friday night. where flying in from Sweden and would like an autenthic place. we would like to spend around 45USD/person. We ́ll be staying at the Holiday inn at Lafayette Street.

Thanx for your help
Jacob from Stockholm

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  1. Oriental garden on elizabeth street.

    1. Jacob, if you have the time, check out these two previous threads:


      They are fairly comprehensive, thorough, entertaining and descriptive about what you can get and where. You won't have a problem in terms of your price range. For what it is worth, my favorites are Congee Village on Allen, New Green Bo on Bayard, XO Kitchen on Hester and, for cheap buns, strong coffee and great atmosphere, the Mei Lei Wah Coffee Shop on Bayard.

      Welcome to NYC. Have fun.

      1. I like the Oriental Garden rec. This is place is a little cleaner and more upscale than the other places suggested (although good recs as well)

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          i went to Oriental Garden once and found it vastly overrated and overpriced...not truly terrible, but i doubt i'll ever return...

          in that price range, i'd recommend Ping's if you want seafood...or Cantonese loud&fun&festive&oily at Congee Village...or go divier at NY Noodletown, followed by drinks elsewhere...really depends on what you want to eat and on what atmosphere (or lack thereof) you want for your meal...

          1. re: Simon

            I understand Jacob is looking for a quieter more refined place...nothing noisy and greasy for his 75 years old mother.
            I like oriental garden. The food is fresh, made well, and lighter to the palate. Its not overly loaded with junk and grease. You wont feel so heavy afterwards. They also have the live seafood tanks where you can select your own swimming fish/lobster/crabs/shrimp.

        2. everyone's entitled to their opinion

          i went to NY Noodletown last Sunday and talk about overrated....this place had more cornstarch and MSG in their dishes than i have consumed in all my years eating in chinatown combined

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            I didn't understand why you wanted to go to Noodletown for dinner. I consider it more of a place to get over my hangover or for a quick lunch or a quick dinner if I dine alone. I reccommend Danny Ng on Pell Street and go for the stuff on the chinese specials menu. I recoomend this for you and not this post. Its noisy. If you want quiet I suggest going uptown to Shun Lee Palace.

          2. Hey you people ara great! thanx for all you replys i ́ll get back to you later and with info on where we ended up
            cheers Jacob

            1. You'll probably spend a lot less than $45 per person if you go to an authentic Chinatown restaurant, since you'd have to order live seafood or exotic items to reach that level. My recommendation would be East Ocean, 53 Bayard St.

              1. In addition to the above, here are a few more. All have extensive menus in English (not all places do)

                Cantoon Garden on Elizabeth Street
                Congee Village on Allen Street
                Dragon Palace, 200 Centre St (I like the other two better, but this one is next to your hotel, I believe.)

                In any case dont forget to check out the incredible Italian street fair on Mulberry, one block from your hotel.

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                  .."In any case dont forget to check out the incredible Italian street fair on Mulberry, one block from your hotel."...

                  DO have fun. Check out the street fare..live a little and try out their sausages, zeppoles, fried oreos etc...whatever.

                  HOWEVER.. whatever you do jacob, avoid dining in the restaurants of little italy. Its uninspiring and nothing but instant pasta with canned sauce.

                2. I also like Congee on Bowery, but most of these restaurants are likely to be noisy on Friday. I think that Oriental Garden is probably the best recommendation. Another possibility is Shanghainese food at New Yeah Shanghai on Bayard St. between Bowery and Mott. If you go there, have them seat you in the back, across the little bridge, where you'll see old Chinese pinups on the wall.

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                  1. re: Pan

                    Noisy ain't bad. If you're visiting New York, you want a real New York experience, and a restaurant crowded with happy Chinese families is one of them. The Chinese like it too. I believe they have a word, renao, that means hot and noisy. It's a term of praise, like gemutlich in German.

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                      "...Another possibility is Shanghainese food at New Yeah Shanghai on Bayard St. between Bowery and Mott..."

                      So there is "New Green Bo", and then there is "Yeah Shanghai Delux", both on Bayard btw Mott and ,actually, Elizabeth. I wonder, if your "New Yeah Shanghai" something of a cross between the two restaurant? (g)

                      Personally I like New Green Bo better than Yeah Shanghai Delux.

                      1. re: HLing

                        Agreed completely on both New Green Bo and Yeah Shanghai Deluxe . They both are very authentic and quite good on many inexpensive occasions. I haven't heard of a New Yeah Shanghai, but if its the same on <i>Bayard</i> I imagine its still Yeah Shanghai Deluxe.

                        1. re: HLing

                          Next time you walk past the restaurant, you'll see that the current name is New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe.

                          What do you like better about New Green Bo than New Yeah?

                      2. the orig poster specifically asked for a place that's not too noisy

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                          Sorry.... and can you believe I reread the OP just before I posted my comment to make sure he had not mentioned noise?!?

                        2. Joe's Shanghai is the absolute best.

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