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easy dinner for 12

I am having 12 woman over for dinner on Wednesday. I would love some ideas on meals that can be made ahead. I'd like to be able to chat with my friends in the family room while dinner is cooking. Any ideas would be great.

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  1. Avocado cocktail

    This is a special French appetizer. It is very elegant and looks really nice and classy when served. If you have important people for dinner and you want to impress them, serve this dish.
    Cuisine French
    Main ingredients Avocado, Tuna.
    Time of preparation 15 Minutes
    Time of cooking 0 Minutes
    Serving 4

    Ingredients 2 Avocado ,large size
    1 can Tuna Fish
    1 tbsp Lemon Juice
    4 tbsp Mayonnaise
    4 Black Olives
    Salt and Pepper

    Directions 1. Cut avocados in two pieces and remove seeds.
    2. With a brush cover the insides of each avocado piece with a layer of mayonnaise.
    3. Drain tuna and season with lemon, salt and pepper, then stuff each avocado with 1 tbsp of tuna mixture.
    4. Using a cooking syringe decorate avocados with mayonnaise and olives.

    1. Besara

      Besara is a common Egyptian dish. It is served as a cold appetizer but it is also very popular to be served as a hot dish.
      Cuisine Egyptian
      Main ingredients Dried Broad Beans, Garlic, Onions
      Time of preparation 0 Minutes
      Time of cooking 1 Hour(s), 30 Minute(s)
      Serving 6
      ! Soak for 48 hours.

      Ingredients 1/2 cup Dried Broad Beans
      1/2 head Garlic ,peeled
      3 tbsp Onions ,chopped
      2 branches Parsley ,chopped
      2 tbsp Mint ,dried and crashed
      1/4 cup Vegetable Oil
      Salt and Pepper

      Directions 1. Cover beans with cold water and soak for 48 hours, changing water 2-3 times. Drain and remove skin.
      2. In a medium deep pan put beans, garlic, 2 onions and parsley, cover with water and bring to boil over low heat. Cover pan and leave to simmer for 1 1⁄2 hours until beans become soft stirring occasionally.
      3. Pour components of pan into blender. Cover and blend at high speed for 30 seconds until puréed and put back in pan.
      4. Add salt, pepper and mint and simmer for 5 minutes over low heat, then leave to cool for 10 minutes.
      5. Serve in small bowls and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
      6. Meanwhile, in a medium skillet, heat oil and stir-fry the remaining onion until dark brown.
      7. Remove bowls from refrigerator and garnish tops with fried onions.

      1. Classic egg appetizer

        This is a classic appetizer. It may be served on its own or beside shrimp and crabs. It looks very elegant and is very easy to make.
        Cuisine French
        Main ingredients Eggs
        Time of preparation 15 Minutes
        Time of cooking 0 Minutes
        Serving 4

        Ingredients 4 Egg
        2 tbsp Mayonnaise
        1/2 tsp Mustard
        1 tsp Corn Oil Crystal
        8 Black Olives ,for garnish

        1. Eggplant with tomatoes

          This is a delicious dish. Eggplant is known to be a very popular appetizer especially among Middle Easterns. In this recipe, it is served like pickles.
          Cuisine Egyptian
          Main ingredients Eggplants, Tomatoes
          Time of preparation 15 Minutes
          Time of cooking 15 Minutes
          Serving 8

          Ingredients 2 Eggplant ,medium size
          4 Tomatoes ,medium size
          2 Onions ,medium size
          2 Green Chili Pepper
          1 tbsp Olive Oil
          1 tsp Garlic ,crushed
          1/2 cup Vinegar
          Oil ,for deep frying

          Directions 1. Peel and slice eggplants and place in a bowl of salt and water.
          2. Deep-fry eggplants over high heat then set aside to drain on kitchen paper.
          3. In a skillet heat olive oil and garlic. Stir for 2 minutes until golden.
          4. Add tomatoes, onions and chili pepper and continue stirring for another 2 minutes.
          5. Add 1/4cup vinegar and remove from heat.
          6. Arrange eggplant slices to form one layer on a platter; cover with tomato mixture and sprinkle with the other 1⁄4 cup vinegar.

          1. Filet of Beef with Brandy Mustard Cream Sauce

            2 beef tenderloin steaks cut 1 to 1-1/4 inches thick
            12 tbsp butter
            12 tbsp Dijon mustard
            6 tsp Worcestershire sauce
            1 1/2 cup brandy
            3 cup whipping cream

            1 This easy flambé will make you look like a chef!
            2 Melt butter in skillet over medium-high heat.
            3 Cook steaks 5 minutes per side for medium-rare.
            4 Remove steaks to platter or individual plates.
            5 Add mustard and Worcestershire to skillet.
            6 Season with pepper and stir to combine.
            7 Remove skillet from heat.
            8 Add brandy and ignite with match.
            9 When flames cease, return skillet to heat.
            10 Add cream and boil about 2 minutes until reduced to a thin sauce.
            11 Pour over steaks to serve

            1. Green rice

              This is a very different recipe for rice. When I first heard of it, I thought it would be a mess, but when I tried it, it is really delicious and very easy to make. Great to serve beside seafood dishes.
              Cuisine Other middle eastern
              Main ingredients Rice, Parsley, Salk, Coriander
              Time of preparation 10 Minutes
              Time of cooking 30 Minutes
              Serving 5

              Ingredients 3 cups Rice
              3/4 bunch Parsley ,snipped
              1/2 bunch Salk
              1/2 bunch Coriander , fresh, snipped
              2 tbsp Corn Oil
              1 tbsp Margarine , or butter
              Salt and Pepper

              Directions 1. Fill a deep pan with water and bring to boil. Add parsley, salk and coriander and boil for 3-5 minutes. Drain through a seive.
              2. In a blender or food processor, blend the greens well and add about 1/3 cup from the water they were boiled in.
              3. In a medium deep non-stick pan, heat and stir margarine, oil and rice over medium heat for 1 minute.
              4. Add strained greens mix and stir. Add about 2 1/2 cups water, salt and pepper and stir. Leave until water is almost absorbed.
              5. Cover pan, move to low heat and leave to cook for another 20-25 minutes until rice is tender.

              Note: You may need to put more or less quantity of water on the rice depending on the kind you use.

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                  Salk is a plant that is used to make green kolkasia I'll try to find out more about it in English or even get a picture of it and send it to you

                    1. re: Sharuf

                      it's called Swiss Chard


                      but if you going to use it for the green rice or green kolkasia use the one with whitle stalk

                        1. re: Sharuf

                          After looking at the picture of SALK (Arab word for ) SILVERBEET

                      1. Pork chops with Caramelized Apples
                        12 ea 1 1/2-inch-thick pork loin chops
                        6 tsp crushed thyme leaves
                        4 1/2 tsp black pepper
                        1 1/2 tsp salt
                        18 tbsp butter
                        2 1/4 cup sugar
                        12 large tart apples, cored, peeled and cut into wedges

                        1 Pat chops dry; mix together thyme, pepper, and salt and season both sides of chops.
                        2 Set chops aside.
                        3 In a large heavy skillet melt the butter with the sugar over moderately high heat; add the apples and saute the mixture for 30 to 40 minutes, or until the apples begin to brown.
                        4 Turn the apples, cook them for 5 minutes more, or until they are golden brown and the sauce is thickened.
                        5 Remove from heat and keep warm.
                        6 Heat another heavy skillet over medium-high heat, brush with a little vegetable oil.
                        7 Add chops and brown on one side, about 4 minutes; turn and brown the other side, 4 minutes more.
                        8 Keep turning chops every couple of minutes until just done (internal temperature measured with a meat thermometer will reach 160 degrees F.).
                        9 Total cooking time for chops will be around 12 to 15 minutes. Serve chops with apples.
                        10 Preparation Time: 15 minutes,Cooking Time: 45 minutes
                        11 Nutrient Information per Serving:,Calories: 669,Sodium: 998 mg,Protein: 35 gm,Cholesterol: ,151 mg,Fat: 28 gm

                        1. If you don't mind a simple meal, I would go with something like a green salad, quiche or pasta with sauce, and roasted vegetables, with a cake for dessert. For appetizers you can have a variety of small things -- cheese and crackers, nuts, cut fruit, olives, dips.

                          1. Or there's always the grill. Everybody likes steak, unless they can't eat it.

                            1. Try the old favorite, Chicken Marbella, with some couscous and a nice green salad or vegetable.


                              I have successfuly made the chicken with boneless, skinless breasts and thighs for a buffet, which needs to be cooked less time (I chop the prunes a bit when I've done this, as well). It is an oldy but goody.