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Sep 18, 2006 06:21 AM

Ethiopian in Vancouver

I just moved here and am looking for good ethiopian food. any recommendations??

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  1. Hey Mady,
    I love ethiopian food and found these names on the net:

    Nyala Ethiopian Restaurant
    Fassil Ethiopian Restaurant
    Red Sea Cafe

    Maybe someone has some opinions?

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    1. re: mbe

      Going out for Ethiopian on Friday with about 6 friends.

      Should we go to Fassil or Red Sea?
      Both are within two blocks, so I guess we can choose that night.

      But which place has better food?
      which is more expensive?
      which has better ambience?


    2. I've eaten at Nyala and the Red Sea Café.

      The Red Sea offers Ethiopian and Eritrean food-very clean/ welcoming/well run/tasty food.

      The Nyala has never impressed me with anything I've ever eaten there-although I haven't been to the new location on Main Street.

      There's another place on Commercial Drive just north of Broadway-totally forgettable.

      1. I would definitely recommend Harambe on Commercial Drive- excellent!

        1. What is the bread called that is served with Ethiopian food?