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Sep 18, 2006 05:12 AM

Best Chopped Liver

I'm too busy to make my own for Rosh Hashana, and am desperately looking for a good chopped liver. I don't want anything that is too full of egg or other fillers (Jerry's is nasty, imho, as if Gelson's). Brent's is okay, but not great. I would have to say that the best I've found so far is Fromin's in Encino. Any suggestions?

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  1. Art's Delicatessen in Studio City has the chopped liver you're looking for. One day at lunch one of Art's daughter's gave me a 15 minute dissertation on the subject of chopped liver, so they know how to make chopped liver.

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      1. Billy's, on Orange St. near California St. in Glendale. Simply delish.

        1. Assuming you're looking for classic Jewish chicken liver, with a taste but not a bite -- and you are -- try Greenblatt's. I've tried the liver in practically every deli in LA, and that's the closest that comes to the gold standard, namely that of my Aunt Esther. Hope that helps.

          1. Don't suppose you know of a good place in OC (esp North OC?)

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              I have always been pleased with the chopped liver at Bristol farms!

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                Yes! I've never bought it yet but I always ask for a sample at the deli when I'm shopping there. :)

              2. re: ErikaK

                Have you tried Katella Deli, in Los Alamitos ? It's been some time, but back in the day the chopped liver was not bad, not bad at all...