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Sep 18, 2006 04:16 AM

Looking for a good, not so expensive restaurant for a birthday/cockatil party in Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silverlake area

A big B-day is approaching fast and the woman hosting my party suddenly cannot. I'd like to have a cocktail party in a restaurant or nice bar but not someplace outrageously expensive. I live in Silverlake and anything in Hollywood, Koreatown, Silverlake, or downtown would be best. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Cliffs Edge, large Bar, nice Patio dining outside.

    1. I know cliffs edge. Isn't it expensive?

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        What's expensive? We have had decent food and the prices seems fair? Call ahead and see what they will do for a group?

        How about OPUS? Heavy Appetizers or 3 course TM , 30- ea and Good Drinks, friendly corkage.

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        1. Thanks again. I will call both, Cafe Des Artistes also quoted me 30 a head. That's just out of my price range. Looking for something I can afford so I don't have to have my friends pay anything. I don'tmind if it is a silly but fun place.

          1. It's hard to make a recommendation without knowing what is in your price range. IMHO, there aren't too many nice bars or restaurants where you will be able to do appetizers and drinks for under $30 a head.

            One place you might want to check out is the pool bar at the Hotel Figueora in downtown LA. A friend of mine threw a 30th birthday party there last summer and it was pretty affordable. He only served finger food and I believe it was a no-host bar, though.


            Another idea would be to talk to Taix. They have several party rooms and a prix fix menu that's quite inexpensive.


            You might also want to talk to any of the local Mexican or Thai places -- for instance, Sompun (on Santa Monica right before it hits Sunset) is inexpensive and has a pretty patio. You'll get better thai food in thai town, but it might work for your purposes.

            Another idea is to go for one of the party rooms at the Formosa. A couple of my friends and I threw a party there once, and their party spaces are really quite fun -- although the food is not anything to write home about. We paid for the appetizers and reserved the space, but again, had a no-host bar. I think it was around $250, and we had food for around 50-75 people.

            Formosa Cafe
            (323) 850-9050
            7156 Santa Monica Blvd
            West Hollywood, CA 90046