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Star Spangled Tavern and Baroque Lounge - DC Ranch, Scottsdale

barry Sep 18, 2006 03:37 AM

Has anyone else been to Star Spangled Tavern? I ate there a few weeks ago (and did a review). I was not very impressed. I have since heard from two people separately, and neither liked it much. I love Cowboy Ciao, Sea Saw and Kaz Bar, and I was hoping for another home run from the owner, especially with several new offerings due in the new waterfront project. Anyone have a differnt experience?

Also, has Baroque Lounge opened next door yet? Thanks.


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  1. Seth Chadwick RE: barry Sep 18, 2006 05:26 AM

    While I haven't been there myself, several work colleagues have and the response has been exceptionally lukewarm, almost to the point of regret. Like you, they had hoped for something much better.

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