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Sep 18, 2006 02:59 AM

Indian Garden

Went to the Indian Garden in Streeterville. They seem to have done a little renovation. The walls - formerly either a pink or a peach depending on who you ask - were painted an interesting, somewhat calming pastel shade of green. Also, they have some festive yet clunky new chairs that I found suprisingly comfortable, just a little hard to maneuver.

At any rate, the food is still very good straight-ahead Indian. I love the Bhindi Masala. Enjoyed Sag Paneer, Chicken Tikka. Nice crispy Onion Kulcha. For the price, its always been my favorite in downtown Chicago.

The service is as always - be prepared to wave your hands to get their attention, even if you're the only one in the place. Order the meal with the drinks once you catch them. That said, the food came quickly and the bill was settled in no time.

I'm sure I'll be back, but anyone have other Indian recommendations down town? Devon just too far for a quick meal.

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  1. India House, Gaylord and Klay Oven are all decent downtown Indian alternatives. I rank them in this order but really any is fine depending on the most convenient location if you are in the mood for Indian. They are all in the River North neighborhood. I've only been to each for the lunch buffets so I can't comment on the "from the menu" experience.

    India House is quite large and seems to aspire to be a cut above the other two with its elaborate buffet. Gaylord and Klay Oven are smaller with slightly fewer buffet options. In my experience, service at Klay Oven can be brusque, it's friendliest at India House with Gaylord somewhere in between. All are straightforward Indian, nothing cutting edge but standards mostly done well.

    1. We used to like Indian Gardens, but three consecutive visits with poor service (and one with cold food) turned us off to it. We now prefer India House -- equal if not better food, and excellent service.

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        Thanks. I've seen it. I'll give IH a try.

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