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Lamb in Long Beach?

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Hi All,
I'm looking for a restaurant in Long Beach that serves lamb chops or rack of lamb. Broiled, grilled, roasted, whatever!

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    1. 555 East is a good steakhouse in LB and they have rack of Colorado Prime lamb


        1. Frenchies is one GREAT resturant -

          1. Frenchy's-- absolutely. Awesome place.

            I have had incredible lamb chops at Christy's as well.

            For that matter, the kleftico (slow-cooked lamb stew) at George's Greek Café is pretty wonderful too. And they have lamb chops on the menu-- I'm sure they're tasty as well.

            Heck, even gritty ol' Ferraro's in East Long Beach has a rack of lamb special that rocks, oh so hard. Surprisingly expertly-made, just delicious lamb.

            1. yes, they do have lamb chops at george's and they are wonderful. they're done greek-style, so they're more medium than rare. but they have great flavor.