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Sep 18, 2006 12:50 AM

You Ate It at the Antic--so spill the beans!

So, what did my fellow Brooklyn 'hounds chow at the Atlantic Antic? I was tempted by many, many things, but the standout this year was the lamb sharwerma sandwich from the table outside the Oriental Grocery, on the South side between Clinton and Court. I think I'd heard tell of their legendary sharwerma here, and the beautiful old copper machine they grill the meat on, taken out and used only for the Antic. Juicy, very well-seasoned meat, chunks of tomato, dollops of tahini and yogurt sauces, cucumber and tomato salad, and a big sploosh of fabulous hot sauce. wildly messy but worth the stack of napkins.

Earlier in the day I'd seen a makeshift bbq pit on the street--a rectangle of concrete blocks topped with a sheet of corrugated metal, with hooves sticking out from either end. A return visit a few hours later revealed an entire butterflied pig laid on a metal grid and smoking away over a bed of coals laid down right on the asphalt. It was the work of PJ Handley's, the bar and grill down on Court, who were serving up chopped pork sandwiches and plates of ribs. As I was admiring the pig's head, one of the pig choppers snagged a particularly tender morsel from somewhere down around the pig's neck and handed it over. Mmmm, tender porky goodness.

And you? What did you eat? I'm sad I didn't get around to La Mancha's fabulous sardinas....

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  1. Roast Pork sandwich from Jolie - good

    Red Velvet cake from 'church ladies' (next to bacchus? not the belarussian curch the other one) - eh.

    Sardines, sangria from Mancha: sardines were $2/piece! I am getting old, I remember 3/$5; sangria eh.

    Six Points righteous "Ale" from waterfront ($3, chipshop was charging $4 - whats that about?); first time with this - obviously of the 'punk/oi school of the english ale arts...this beer was very 'in my face'

    who were the big tables set up next to Downtown atlantic and then further down, I think by the house of D, anyway one was a 'raw' bar and the other seemed to have a variety of meat, maybe they encompassed the PJHandleys? anyway - they did not carry any restaurant name, they just had signs that read "antic" on them or something. Oh, they were selling the Kronenbourg 1667 (or whatever that stuff is named; why are they trying to bring this stuff over?)

    still enjoyable:

    I counted 6 Mozzerapea stands...think they are the 'beard' for the "sawziige and peppa" syndicate

    and why was SoulSopt .75 mile away from their storefront?

    1. there were two soul spots.

      Oriental schwarma was delicious. It was indeed a sloppy mess that neccesitated a shirt change afterwards. The only other thing I ate were the sardines which were good, but not nearly as good as the schwarma.

      The special Six Point Antic Amber was tasty. $3 @ the Brazen Head was the bargain of the day.

      1. I had: six clams on the half shell from Downtown Atlantic (I think), which were very good, the braised lamb sandwich from Jolie (terribly dry, I tossed it after three bites) the merguez sandwich from Bacchus (delicious, I regretfully passed on the fries). I took home a plate from the Belorussian church (chicken leg, potatoes, cabbage full of extra goodies like dill and mushrooms and carrots - a nice dinner for three dollars.

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          We had the OG shwarma. Good as always. As was the Waterfront Ale House Pulled Pork. Had a totally different opinion of the Jolie Lamb sandwich. We had one of the last (about 5:45) and it was just oozing juice, not dry at all. If anything, it was a bit mushy. OTOH, we were not impressed by the Bacchus Merguez. Found it a bit soggy, with no outside crisp at all. The fries were a bit soggy too. Had a goat roti from a stand between 3rd & 4th (Stir it up was out of roti skins). Just OK.

          1. re: bobjbkln

            Stir it up is ALWAYS out of roti skins. I don't bother going there anymore...

        2. hey, harlem hounds were there too!

          this is a great thread, and helped me navigate a bit.

          started with the iglesia bacalaoito--fried codfish cake. a bit on the soggy side. hot sauce would've helped. $1.25 not complaining.

          plates from the waterfront ale house looked incredible, and i yelled my pulled pork order to the frazzled staff before i could see the meat only to get to the table and see that the brisket is what looked incredible, with charred bits galore. meat was tender but not particularly flavorful. bbq sauce helped, but i wish it didn't need it. rolls wholly undelicious.

          had a sample of the chorizo from la mancha and it was incredible--smokey and rich. didn't have the stomach space to get one, and went with a sardine instead. delicious char and oil and salt and tobasco and lemon and sardine. (this may not sound appealing, and i fear i'm not doing it justice. it was damn good).

          was the oriental schawarma the one with individual frisbee-like disks of meat that looked incredible? the other great looking food that i passed up around there was everything at waterfalls--the carrots, and the veggie stuffed cabbage rolls looked great. but i wasn't ready to commit to a full plate, and they were offering 3 veggie choices for $5.

          dumbass that i am, i didn't think to go to sahadi's for beverages at that point, and ended up getting lemonade at a grilled corn stall. $2 for sugar water. worst buy of the day (but served a purpose). but when we did go to sahadi's it was blissfully empty! i got great persian cucumbers there.

          onto the rum punch from jolie. delicious and with a nice kick of what i'm guessing was cloves and allspice?

          it was a beautiful day, and lots of fun. and now i get to relive it vicariously by reading about all your chowing!

          1. Besides discovering that I was standing next to Josh K. while watching Poppa Chubby and Demitri with their "Black Coffee Blues Band", I did get to eat some things there myself. Breakfast: The church ladies at the Belarussian church (corner, 2 doors down from Bacchus) did another great "labor of love" cooking, with outstanding stuffed cabbage and meat or potato pancakes, all with sour cream, at dirt cheap prices. Snack: the baccalitos (fried cod fritters) at the Latin church one block west of the above. Lunch: the schwarma at Oriental Grocery... since they only trot out the copper machine once a year and its substantially better stuff than anywhere else. Snack/early dinner: more than half dozen fresh grilled sardines at La Mancha, where we sat for most of the afternoon (when we werent watching the band at Waterfront), eating and drinking sangria. I liked the chorizo and paella I tasted as well, but the sardines are the real attraction. There were a lot of other things that were great but, as we live 2 blocks from Atlantic Ave and roam the strip regularly, I concentrated on things not usually available. For those who attended and dont live around there, I certainly hope you tried the PJ Hanley whole pig roast, the pulled pork sandwich at Waterfront Ale House, the cupcakes at Downtown Atlantic, the array of fresh foods at Waterfalls and the merguez sausage sandwiches at Bacchus. Great weather... great day.

            Sir Gawain... in case you're reading this from far off Czech land, part of our sitting at La Mancha was with your ex-landlord and family. Oliver says hello.