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Sep 18, 2006 12:41 AM

Apple Picking - No Car, anywhere accessible by public transportation?

My friends and I are planning an apple picking trip next weekend. We live in Cambridge. We want to go apple picking somewhere...but we don't have a car. I heard that Stowe, Ma and Groton, Ma all have good orchards. I have also heard that Groton, Ma is accessible by MBTA Commuter rail, but I dont know what stop. Could someone confirm that for me?

What orchards can we go to and what T stop do we get out at? Pls help! Thanks!

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  1. You've picked a challenging trip by public transport, I'm afraid.... Yes, there are some great orchards within a 30 to 50 minute drive, but tough by the T. Consider, orchards almost by definition are going to be situated away from population centers, which is where the T stops are. And not much in the way of local taxi or bus service out yonder.

    But if you want to pursue it: click on this link for MBTA commuter rail routes.

    Be advised that this is not the Red Line: trains are infrequent, especially on weekends. And you are not likely to be able to hike to orchards from train stations.

    Some lists of apple orchards: the Mass Dept. of Agriculture has a list of pick-yr-own places for apples (and other produce) are availabe at this link:

    Don't know your situation, but it might be worth renting a car for a trip like this... if you did, then I'd have some better suggestions of good picking places.....

    1. You could take the commuter rail to Ayer and then take a 7 minute cab ride to Harvard and pick at a number of places.

      1. You could also go to Ipswich and take a cab to Russell's en route to Crane's Beach.

        A Zipcar seems a best bet...

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          During the summer, there is a bus leaves from the commuter rail stop and goes around Crane's, Russell, and through Essex, but they ended service on Labor Day. It would've been perfect.

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            I have to agree that renting a zipcar seems to be your best bet... That way you aren't stuck going to a particular orchard just because it's close to public transportation. Plus you don't have to cart a bunch of apples back home.

          2. Renting a car is probably your best bet - but if you are still interest in the train, the South Acton stop on the Fitchburg commuter rail line is only a few miles from Shelburne Farms in Stow.