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Sep 18, 2006 12:13 AM

pizza in sunnyside?

Can anyone tell me about their favorite pizza joints in the nabe? Since Ariel's closed, I haven't really found anything to replace them (though I haven't tried real hard, I must admit). Having a pizza party this week.

Looking for someplace other than Donato's and the pizza place on 43rd Ave next to the Chinese resto (b/t 43rd and 42nd, I believe).
Someone once posted about Peppino's. Is this place still good?
What is Singha's pizza like in Pathmark?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Obviously you are searching North of Q Blvd. Make the leap! Come over to the South Side. Try Marabella for thin crust at 41st Street and Greenpoint or Gabriella's at 44th & Greenpoint for thick crust and a lot of inventive combinations.

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    1. re: timmernyc

      I'm definitely open to the South Side! Between Marabella and Gabriella's, which is more of a crowd pleaser?
      And can you tell me about the sauce? I prefer a slightly spicy red sauce - any hint of sugar/sweetness is a complete turn off.

    2. i love peppino's! on 61st street btwn roosie and woodside aves.

      1. ditto on peppino's -- love their sicilian, in particular. on a non-pizza note, they also sell their sauces by the pint, and the vodka sauce is mighty tasty.

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        1. re: david sprague

          Does anyone have a phone number for Peppino's? I want to try it but can't find it listed anywhere. thanks!

        2. sapori d' ischia not far

          1. Singha is Indian style pizza. Not bad, if you don't think of it as pizza.

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            1. re: Woodside Al

              Sorry for my ignorance, but what is "Indian style pizza"? Is it Indian style in taste or actual construction?

              1. re: tracyk

                Singas is Greek-American style, which is just a variation on Italian-American pizza. It's not Indian (not even the name), but is now Indian owned. Here's a podcast about it

                My favorite local slice-shop style, as I mentioned on another post, is Mamakina in Woodside. The menu is Italian but I believe it is Russian (or a former Soviet republic) owned. They deliver to Sunnyside. They're on 48th Ave off 46th Street, 718-729-0609

                1. re: SunnysideUp

                  I'm replying to myself. Forget Mamakina, the past two times the pizza has been as bad as the rest: underdone and they switched to low quality ingredients. I had my fingers crossed but also figured this would happen.