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Sep 18, 2006 12:07 AM

Pinkberry Coming to Los Feliz !

Saw one of those: "Pinkberry coming soon " signs on Vermont across from the Mamma Mia Cafe / Bank of America.

I bet they'll open before "The Hollywood Gelato Co." on Hillhurst that blew all of their Summer business by not ever opening this Summer.

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  1. Expect many more. They've signed 30 leases in LA and plan to open 30 locations in NY.

    1. that makes for 61 overrated and overpriced places for people to flock to

      1. Remember when everybody had to have a Krispy Kreme for a brief second? And then came back to earth and realized, hey, they're not that good, and why the hell am I waiting for one? You know, just as they overexpanded to the point that you could get one anywhere? And then their stock dropped 80% overnight, and then recently they announced that they were closing alot of the franchises.

        The point is Pinkberry investors are so very going to creamed on this one... it could suppport a half dozen L.A. locations, perhaps, but 30? That's just poor planning -- there's a huge difference between a lifestyle and a fad, and nothing in food stays in the lifestyle category forever.

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        1. re: deadorinjail

          I think part of the Krispy Kreme demise is due to the popularity of the low-carb diet. the pinkberry phenomenon may go that route as well, however, frozen yogurt has a more "healthful" image and has been a consistently popular food ever since TCBY. We'll have to see if people like the pinkberry flavor.

          1. re: ladius

            I'm not too sure that the former Penguins franchisees would agree with that popularity assessment. Yogurt has come and gone several times locally, and in fact even TCBY did not really do that well here, as opposed to elsewhere in America.
            Pinkberry is having its day and time will tell, of course.
            Since their website is under construction, do not know the actual chemical/carb makeup of their products.

          2. re: deadorinjail

            Krispy Kreme is still tasty but everyon realized that if they ate them all the time the wouldn't fit into their Gucci dresses and $200 jeans anymore. At least for now, Yogurt is healthy for you. Until they find out, ala Seinfeld, that the fat free yogurt is actually fat filled...

          3. i agree. pinkberry is not really like a typical frozen yogurt place, where it keeps changing flavors, so i don't see how it will sustain 30 locations, many of which seem really close to each other, and with the competition of kiwiberri and the like. they definitely need to expand to get the customers who like the yogurt but not enough to brave the line, but this seems like it is pushing it.

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            1. re: Bugg Superstar

              The volume they are doing in the one store would bespeak a demand far outside the capabilities of the location. I think their problem will not be demand, but replicating the quality of their first outlet. If they can do that, the sky's the limit, at least for now.

            2. The original comment has been removed