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Sep 17, 2006 10:43 PM

Trouble with KitchenAid mixer?

Was canning piccallili, last week, using grinder attachment on my 6 month old KA mixer. This was the classsic, 250 watt machine. Retail about $270. Motor gave out after grinding 1/2 dozen peppers. Tried to get by with hand grinder and decided that I had to have horsepower. Packed up the mixer. Went to store to return. Store very gracious but out of that model. Had to buy the 450 watt machine for an extra $110. Isolated incident or common problem? Noticed a ton of ads on ebay for refurbished machines which makes me suspicious that there may be a design flaw or quality problem.

BTW, finished 15 pints of my Grandmother's 100 year old recipe. Now I have a year's supply.

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  1. Call them. They took enough time to fix my mixer a few years ago but they did fix it when the planetary gear went out. The company wasn't the greatest to deal with but they did finally come through. I find when you deal with the company, they often can do things the store can't. Usually the store can only replace stuff. Good luck, anyway.

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      I have seen so many Kitchen-Aid stand mixers burn out the motors that I am amazed that K-A doesn't have the same reputation as Yugo. It seems that Whirlpool(parent company) has cheapened the motors and they are beginning to get the same reputation as the professional Hobart equipment. I have baked professionally, and I have the phone number of Hobart service memorized.
      I love the design of the K-A stand mixers, so I took mine to a electric engine re-builder and they replaced the motor with a industrial motor that they keep in stock.

      The service wasn't cheap, but I wouldn't bat a eyelash before trying to mix concrete in my Kitchen aid now. The mixer must now be used on its own circuit, but this mixer is abuse proof.
      Kenwood has a stand mixer with a good reputation,but it doesn't have the attachments that Kitchen aid does. Electrolux has a unusual European design mixer that is excellent, but they are quite pricey.

      1. re: Kelli2006

        Kitchenaid is no longer owned by Hobart. The company was purchased by Whirlpool in about 1986. That is the big difference between the old KA and the new KA machines. I love my mixer, but the best part of it is the Hobart label on its side.

        New KA mixers are considerably lower in quality. On the KA forum, one poster mentioned that he had taken apart one of the accessories and found it had plastic gears which had stripped for the second time. The customer service is excellent, but they're making a product which isn't the same as the Hobart machines.

        1. re: cheryl_h

          Cheryl, Thanks for the update.I have corrected my post to reflect the new ownership. I have noticed that many of the foodTv chefs are using something other than Kitchen-Aid, and Emeril once made a caustic comment on air about the K-A quality.
          Does anyone know of a good hand-held mixer? I have used both Cuisinart and Kitchen-Aid, but they are almost to the point of being disposable.

        2. re: Kelli2006

          Hey there Kelli
          I know this is an old thread and hopefully you'll get this. Are you able to tell me where you got the motor replaced? And did you find a good brand of hand-held mixer. Like you I want to do some heavy-duty work with my appliances and don't want to worry about them blowing out. Thanks!

          1. re: rainbotlart

            Hello - I am seconding this request! We kept my husband's KA mixer bought probably 10 or more years ago. It works ok but it is constantly dripping oil. I see it when it's stored... Is this worth getting repaired? We're disappointed. We thought it'd last much longer. I had one too but gave it to my mom once my husband and I got married.. so no back up!

            1. re: rln

              Just do the repacking of gears yourself. Lots of videos showing step by step. Just takes purchase of the heavy grease, very cheap.

            2. re: rainbotlart

              I had it fixed by a local electric repair shop that rebuilds industrial electrical equipment. You might be able to buy the motor from a Kitchen Aid commercial mixer and have someone install it but KA refused to do that when I asked. Id suggest that you look in the Yellow pages for a similar repair shop in your area.

              I bought a generic Kitchen Aid hand mixer at BB&B despite their reputation as being 3-4 year disposables. Both the KA and the Cuisinart hand mixer are made in China with an eye to a low price point, so there isn't much to choose from.

              1. re: Kelli2006

                Got-- thanks for the ideas. We hate to spend the money and find ourselves in the same place a few years from now, but sounds like that's the baseline nowadays.

                1. re: rln

                  My Kitchen-Aid hand held went belly up on Christmas eve, so I'm in the market for a new hand held. That's the 3rd KA hand-held that I've burned up.
                  Making buttercream icing should not burn up a mixer.

                  I don't use my handheld for difficult tasks because I have a stand mixer that is used for bread and other power-hungry jobs. This is getting to be annoying because it always happens a year or so beyond the warranty.

        3. It's probably too late for you, since you bought a replacement mixer, but I had a KitchenAid mixer burn out on a heavy cookie dough a while back. I called the company and after a few questions they mailed me a shipping carton with a prepaid shipping label, I shipped the mixer back and they sent me a new (can't remember if it was refurbished or not, but it works) one swiftly. I was very impressed with the good service, as I had expected the runaround.

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          1. re: barham turner

            Out of curiosity, how old was the machine?

            Also, thanks to all the posters that have supplied so much information. I really appreciate it.

            1. re: stevieBcanyon

              I don't remember exactly, but my best recollection is that it was between 1 and 2 years old.

          2. That is insane. They should be all over you to fix this thing. I have a 600 Pro and it kills for what that is worth. Your model should be good for 20 years with out problems

            1. I've been having a problem with my KitchenAid - when I mixing cookie dough (just a regular chocolate chip) the top bumps up and down as if the bowl isn't on there right but it is. Is this an indication the motor is going?

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              1. re: bookgirl234

                Isn't there a lock you slide on the side to keep the motor portion from jumping up and down?

                1. re: Winemark

                  I'm not home to check so I'm not sure. If there is I'm going to feel really stupid! From the pics I see online it looks like there's a lock on the right side, which is of course the side I never see because of the way I store it and use it.

                  1. re: bookgirl234

                    The first thing to check is the hinge pin in the back if you have the Artisan, or any other model that features the swing up power head. The pin serves as the hinge point. It is a light press fit and it can work its way out. Swing the power head up, remove the bowl and look on the stand portion of the mixer. If you see a metal rod sticking out, it is likely your problem.

                    It is fairly easy to push back in once you get the holes aligned properly. Jimmy the power head around until the holes line up, then press the pin in with your fingers. Once it is started correctly, a light tap with a wooden knife handle will drift it the rest of the way in. Don't try to beat it in with a hammer. If it won't go in easily, the holes aren't lined up, or something else is gooned.

              2. This is all so sad to hear!

                I have a KA that's 30 years old. I have replaced the paddle because the coating wore off from use and also the plate that holds the bowl in place because I work that machine so hard the threads wore out and the bowl spun with the paddle. Other than that, it's been a dream — it overheated *once* in 30 years!

                I can't imagine what I'd do if I had to buy a stand mixer now based on what you guys are saying.

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                  whatever you do never by another kitchen aide mixer. I bought the professional 6 to use for holidays and such when everyone was at my house because the smaller one i have had for 30 years was to small for large amounts of mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie filling etc. used about 24 times it disintergrated on me. i took it to a repair shop and they said there was to much wrong with it to fix it. so I called the company and they said because I used a repair shop that wasn,t on their list it was out of waranty. the closest repair shop I could use is 6 hours away.ha.ha. so for 40.00 dollars there sending ma a box to ship it to the company. with no guarintee that they can repair it. so don,t ever buy anythin made by whirlpool. cathmoe

                  1. re: rainey

                    If your machine is 30 years old, I would just keep replacing parts as needed! I am in the middle of fixing my 18 year old unit, I'm at $43 for the motor, and now I have to replace the speed control and little circuit board. Neither are very expensive, and all tolled considerably less expensive than a new cheaply made unit. My gears are solid and in good condition, and the paddles/ bowl etc. are still in great shape as well.

                    Fix it, repair it, and wear it out! This is the antidote to today's throw-away consumerism.