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Sep 17, 2006 10:24 PM

asian market in silver lake / atwater

Can anyone remind me of the name and location of a big Asian market or grocery near Silver Lake? As I recalled, it has 2 initials. I heard about it from a friend who lived in SL, and drove there within 10-15 minutes, and haven't been able to ocate it. Thanks for any leads!

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  1. A newer market on San Fernando Road south of the 2 Fwy is Super King, which while not Asian as such, has many Asian-focused food items, and covers a wide variety of ethnic foods including Hispanic and Armenian/Russian.

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      Hi, carter! Super King is great fun to explore, although it always seems to me that they are having an ethnic identity crisis...surely, it is an interesting display of many countries. We always find new items to try: last week we tried their fresh dates on the vine and their fresh green and purple cactus pods. I love the vibrant "feel" of this place and the patrons are as colorful as the shelf offerings!

      In response to the OP here, the only Asian market that I can think of with two letters is HK (Hong Kong), and I don't believe that this is the one you have in mind.

    2. It's A Grocery Warehouse, 1487 W Sunset Blvd.
      Phone: (213) 482-4803
      (near Echo Park Ave.)
      Mostly Vietnamese with some Chinese items. Good prices on things like garlic, ginger and fresh water chestnuts. Fish dept. seems a little stinky but it could be worth exploring.

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        A Grocery Warehouse is also well-known among Angelinos as A1 Market. It's a gold mine for fresh fruits, veggies, Asian products, seafood, meats, etc. I go here and shop for days-- there's too much to choose from! Check out this condiment bar-type thing they have in the veggie section- they've got the best spicy pickled cucumbers and pickled daikon/carrots. Basically, if you LOVE to cook Asian (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino) this is the place to go! you'll get the most bang for your buck here- trust!

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          Is there any Japanese food in there too? I need to know because I need to find mirin and dashi and other stuff like that. Do you know where I can get a cute bento box, too? Thanks!

      2. Could you be thinking of HK, which is just a bit north of Atwater in Glendale?

        HK Market. 831 N Pacific Ave Ste A. Glendale, CA 91203

        1. Is A1 on Sunset? What's the address, please?

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          1. re: LT from LF

            A Grocery Warehouse
            1489 West Sunset Blvd.
            LA - #213.250-1446

          2. Mitsuwa Market off of Alameda would have the mirin, dashi and everything else japanese. In the same complex is a small store that sells pottery, dinner ware and bento boxes.