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Sep 17, 2006 09:49 PM

Cutlet House on Taraval in SF?

Cruising Taraval from the beach toward my destination at T-28, I noticed the brightly lit Cutlet House on the north side of the street. With Burmese noodles on my mind, I passed it by this time. But I'm wondering if we could get an update. The last mention recommended "The Ground Beef Rice, Curry Chicken Rice, and Ket Chup Chicken Rice, are all my favorites."

Old thread on this style of cooking -

Cutlet House on menupages -

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  1. Hong Kong meets, Eastern Europe, meets Japan...meets America (the Shirley Tempo sounds interesting!)
    What a melange...I think I'll try it for lunch..

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    1. re: ChowFun_derek

      Yep, typical HK coffee shop fare of food from other countries prepared Hong Kong style.

    2. Sometimes you just feel like having some HK style comfort food. Where else can you get macaroni in soup,peanut butter/condensed milk sandwich and cheese meat fries. Weird sounding combinations but for some reason some of these work. All goes to the same place, right?

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      1. re: jenwong

        Hi Jen, do you think Cutlet House does a better job with these than other spots such as ABC?

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          Peanut butter (extra crunchy) and (sweetened) condensed milk....that would DEFINITELY work for me!
          What's a 'cheese meat fry"?

        2. Depends which ABC you are talking about. I like the mac soup in chinatown's ABC but haven't been there in years. Bigger bowl & very flavorful soup. Don't even know if it is the same owners now. The meat Cutlet uses in their mac soup is sometimes overcooked

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          1. re: jenwong

            I haven't eaten at any of the ABCs (Chinatown, Taraval, etc.) myself. But, please keep talking about any of your favorite spots for this style of food.