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Sep 17, 2006 09:43 PM

cultural shock in westwood area

does anyone have any recommendations of Persian/Indian food- or any unique place in westwood area?

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  1. i may be in the minority on this board, but my personal favorite for persian food in westwood is shamshiri on westwood blvd.

    1. persian or indian? that's more unclear than saying american or guatemalan.

      specificity would be helpful

      1. there are tons of great persian restaurants on westwood blvd. below wilshire. they have been rated in the l.a. weekly to read more about them. i also like Javan on Santa Monica. very clos to westwood village.

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        1. re: jessiebelle

          LA Weekly knows little about persian restaurants. they're all similarly mediocre, by persian standards

        2. I actually mean any kind of interesting food. Any unique place that anyone considers a gem in that area.

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          1. re: foodie5

            On the Indian tip I'm surprised no one has mentioned Ambala Dhaba. Authentic northern indian jewel hidden away set back from the street at 1781 Westwood Blvd very close to Sunnin.

            Its the sister resturant to it's store in Artesia and serves a wide array of great homestyle indian including the house speciality of Bakra (Goat curry). Reasonable prices $10-$20 per head.

          2. sharzhad and shamshiri are both good persian places on westwood blvd, just north of santa monica blvd. further SW is javan on Santa moinca bvld and butler-ish area.