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Sep 17, 2006 08:58 PM

Fresh foods that keep a long time

Started as a companion thread to this one, about shopping strategies:

Fresh things I've found that keep a decently long time include:

Citrus fruits
Roots and bulbs (potatoes, onions, etc.
)Some smaller chiles
Smoked trout and salmon in certain kinds of packs (Trader Joe's)

What would you add to that?

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    1. I would add any veg still covered in soil. If I buy both clean carrots and muddy ones from the same stall at the farmer's market, the dirty ones stay hard for more than a month (and retain their flavour) and the clean ones go soft much sooner. I think spuds and other roots are the same.

      1. Apples, up to a certain point.
        Eggs (refrigerated, of course)
        Cheese, assuming you don't get your germs all over it.

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          Ah, this jogged my memory regarding cheese. While we all have to have the fancy varieties... there is this one bag of shredded cheese - cheddar and something else - that I bought at Vons... the Vons brand... for some mundane reason - perhaps it was a free bonus they delivered or something. It has a special enzyme or such that lengthens its life and the stuff stayed fresh (and pretty good, actually) for nigh on forever.