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Sep 17, 2006 08:54 PM

Chicago Trip Report

We had reservations at Bella Bacino next to Hotel 71 but my friends cancelled it to go to Giordinos instead. They claim they had shoddy service the day before at lunch. Giordinos was like a 99..nothing memorable. The antipasto was lame (iceberg lettuce, pale tomatoes, some provolone and ham). The service was great. The deep dish pizza was what I expected, huge and filling. Nothing amazing ..the crust was pretty darn good. 200+ for 8 adults and 3 kids with some having beer and wine and a few cocktails.

Dinner Sat. at Rosebuds on Rush. Pretty noisy but lively and fun. 520.00 for 8 adults and 3 kids all having an entree,some having a nice salad and two bottles of a great cab. Oh a few desserts..nothing memorable. The food was ok to pretty darn good but nothing that was oh my gosh good. It was a nice evening.

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  1. Giordano's is what it is...widely considered to be nothing more than average. Geno's East, Lou Malnati's or even Uno's would have been better.

    As far As Rosebud is concerned, it's exactly like you described it. It's good to pretty darn good but not incredible. La Scarole serves similar traditional Italian food but far better and less expensive.

    1. Perhaps if you re-read the above comment you'll see that wasn't a cheep shot at Giordano's and even complimentry of the crust.

      BTW: it's Gino's not Geno's, not that its a big deal. It's just that Geno's reminds me of the frozen pizza guys Jeno's who are owned by Pilsbury.

      1. since you are spell checking it's cheap, not cheep..haa..Will recommend La Scarole. Saw Gino's when I was taking the taxi to ORD. Wish we tried it..

        1. Got me! LOL

          It's hard to beat the original classics for deep dish and of those there are truly only a few: Uno/Duo, Gullivers & Gino's East. All the others are pretty much refinements, derivatives or "twists" on the same theme.

          In visiting these places web sites and reading their history I thought it was interesting that it seems like Chicago deep dish pizza went through a "pizza boom", of new places starting in with Gulliver's in 1965 and went on until Bacino's in 1980, which means it's been about 25 years since any other significant new competition has come to the market.

          If asked, I would rank the following as my 5 favorite deep dish places:

          1. Gino's East (Downtown!) 1966
          2. Uno/Duo 1940
          3. Gullivers 1965
          4. Giordano's 1974
          5. Bacino's 1980

          Honorable mentions:
          6. Edwardo's 1978
          7. Nancy's 1974

          Just mentioned:
          8. Lou Malnati's 1971