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Sep 17, 2006 08:30 PM

Western Detroit Metro eats

I'm in Livonia the entire week of September 18-22, and will probably be off the clock for dinner each night.

Any recommendations? (This is far from my first Detroit trip, so I already know about some of the local low-brow places, like Bates, Miller's Bar, and American Coney Island, although I'll probably hit some of those in my spare time, too).

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  1. La Shish in Livonia, it's a local chain. Great Middle Eastern food. I loved their HOMMOUS WITH GHALLABA.

    1. Cool, I didn't know La Shish was in Livonia, I was expecting to drive to AA to hit La Shish.

      Thanks for the heads-up

      1. bonfire bistro (on brew pub) on six mile just west of haggerty.

        sweet loraine's in the marriott on six mile just east of i-275 for eclectic spin on a broad range of cuisine.

        1. bonfire's on 7 mile, I had a beer there this evening. Good, but not great. Might go back and try the food another night.

          1. For better Middle Eastern food than La Shish, you might try Pineland restaurant in Livonia. They are on Middlebelt right around Ann Arbor Trail. Not a fancy atmosphere, just fantastic FRESH Lebanese food, huge portions at reasonable prices. If you decide to try them, please report back about the experience.