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Where to buy great mango salsa on the west side, to take home?

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Looking for something that's not soupy - closer to dry and 'salsa fresca'-esque, has cilantro and some chiles. Tomatoes optional, not necessarily preferred.

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  1. Santa Monica Seafood on Colorado. Exactly what you're looking for and very good. You can sample it in their deli section and see if you like it.

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      Thank you!

    2. I have an update. I never have yet made it to Santa Monica Seafood but intend to!

      I was at a Whole Foods in the west L.A. area tonight and saw they have a very promising-looking mango salsa ('dry' not 'wet') on their sort of 'prepared salads bar' near where you get a bowl and make a salad to eat there. Very different from the horribly soupy-looking mango salsa concoction over by their fresh greens dept.

      I also picked up a "Whole Meal" prepared refrigerated meal of salmon with wild rice and it comes with a huge portion of chopped mango, jicama, onion and red peppers... definitely missed the cilantro but nice meal - and the salmon was tasty.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I've actually bought that salmon with mango salsa too. It's pretty good. I can't remember if it's similar to the one at Santa Monica Seafood or not (haven't had it in a long time) but I think it might be.

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          I keep meaning to get down to Santa Monica Seafood and always think about it 15 minutes after they've closed!