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Sep 17, 2006 07:52 PM

HELP! need recs for a quick bite in J-TOWN

heading to the staples center around 8 and i need recs for a good but quick bite before heading there. i guess not too heavy..maybe around 6p.m.? thanks!

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  1. There are some fast places in the Weller Court, like Hurry Curry and a boba/sandwich spot, and the Japanese Plaza, like the Frying Fish (sushi bar rotates, so just sit and eat!). It's too bad Daikokuya is closed on Sundays!

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      daikokuya is open on sundays now. tonkotsu ramen, gyoza, rice dishes, rolls. it's not too heavy but it's definitely not light either. shouldn't be crowded at 6pm.

      1st street across from miyako hotel between san pedro and central.

    2. bento boxes at Las Galas are superb