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Sep 17, 2006 07:18 PM

Ba Ren (SD) and MSG

Hey All,

I've been to Ba Ren 3 times and liked a lot of the dishes. I was wondering though if they use MSG?

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  1. Speaking of Ba Ren, if anyone is interested in joining a SD Chowhound dinner thursday, check out and send an email. Everyone is invited, but please email first.

    Anyway - to make this an actual reply, isn't it the case that most chinese food in china uses MSG? It reminds me of a chapter from Steingarten's book where he discusses the strange phenomenon that chinese people don't seem to have reactions to MSG and are quite fond of it, whereas many americans claim to be allergic. I usually find that its from too much salt, not the MSG that can leave a person with that icky feeling.


    1. I think they do. Dont get me wrong, I think the place is fantastic, but the only time I have ever got a reaction was from there. My face started to get pretty tight-feeling and flushed, but soon passed. Needless to say, I had A LOT to eat.

      1. I can't imagine an authentic Chinese restaurant not using MSG.

        I remember going to a real Chinese recipe website (from the People's Republic) a few years ago and almost every dish called for "gourmet powder" as an ingredient. I emailed them asking what that was, and they replied MSG. If it's gourmet powder, it's got to be good!


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