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Sep 17, 2006 07:13 PM

Japanese markets in East Bay?

I recently moved to Berkeley and am looking for a Japanese supermarket/food market in the East Bay -- preferably something akin to the Mitsuwa chain in Southern California and New Jersey. Any suggestions?

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  1. Tokyo Fish Market -- Berkeley -- San Pablo Ave. near Gilman

    Yaoya-San -- El Cerrito -- San Pablo Ave. and Moeser Lane

    1. ditto:

      Yaoya-san in El Cerrito :

      There's Toyko Fish Market (on San Pablo, just north of Gilman).

      1. Tokyo Fish is great. They expanded a year or so back, much bigger space. Not supermarket-sized but a big selection.

        Berkeley Bowl's owned by a Japanese-American family and has a big Japanese section including probably the best Japanese produce in the area.