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Sep 17, 2006 07:12 PM

[AUS] Good DimSum in Austin Area.

I used to live in North California and got used to some awesome Dimsum. Does anyone have any good dimsum recomendations?

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  1. Well, if you find some great dim sum in Austin, please let me know. We have a few mediocre places, but nothing that I've found is even close to the type of places near San Francisco. For dim sum in Texas, I would say some of the places in Houston are your best bet.

    It is too bad we didn't get one of the mega-dim sum places in the new Chinatown Center. I guess I can't get everything at once! I'll just be happy with 1st Chinese BBQ.

    Lily's Sandwich looks like it is now open and has bahn mi. Has anyone tried it?

    1. Last time I was in Austin, I was brought here for Dim Sum:

      I liked it a lot. The Citysearch reviews are also saying it's the best place in Austin. I especially suggest arriving early if you go with a big crowd; it gets crowded fast!

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        We like Marco Polo too. Not SF but neither is anywhere else I've found myself eating dim sum (NY, London, Boston, Vancouver,Toronto) and no place I've been anywhere else but SF just smokes it. Tien Hong on Burnet is okay but be sure and get there early as it gets bad later--a lack of quality control as the day goes on. I'm not a big fan of T& S but many are. And finally Twin Dragon on N Lamar works in a pinch.

        1. re: BTAustin

          Lordy, this is a sad post to read. Tien Hong is gone. So is Twin Dragon on North Lamar.
          T&S is gross. Shanghai is ok and the ChinaTown on the outer road of MOPAC (Loop 1) is remarkable but quite spendy (worth every penny but still dear).

      2. I'm born and raised in SF, and Marco Polo is my "go-to" dim sum... a regular destination with my pal who is from Sydney, Australia, another dim sum hot spot.

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        1. re: dee lannon

          My favorites in order:

          Pao's Mandarin House
          T&S Seafood
          Marco Polo
          Tien Hong

        2. Tien Hong is your best bet. Get there early (10am) or prepare to wait 15-20min

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          1. re: CabezaDeTaco

            Gotta disagree, although I must admit I'm not extremely experienced. In my lone visit, Tien Hong was mediocre at best (with some items bordering downright revolting), and although the service was very gracious, I will certainly never try their dim sum again.

            1. re: tom in austin

              regarding tien hong - i think their steamed shrimp dumplings are decent, but that's about it.

              but then again, i can't fathom someone screwing up a plain, steamed shrimp dish.

          2. I live in far NW Austin. Does anyone have any recommendations for dim sum in the area?

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            1. re: Nakhash

              Kim Son - North Lamar / Braker
              Chinatown - Farwest / Mopac
              Shanghai - near highland mall