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Sep 17, 2006 07:04 PM

Charleston - Fulton Five or Mercato?

I will be in Charleston next month and was trying to decide between Fulton Five or Mercato for Italian food. Which would you recommend?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i haven't had either of those, but i would wholeheartedly recommend al di la, if you haven't eaten there already. excellent, authentic, and romantic to boot.

      1. We have not been to Charleston in several years, so I don't have any recent information, but we thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Fulton Five.

        1. I've only eaten at Fulton Five but I can tell you that it is in a whole other category that al di la. Al di la is good but Fulton Five is a whole other type of dining experience. It has a very small dining room and probably the most personalized service of any place I've ever been. It also flies under the radar which is always fun.

          1. yeah, i hear you-- like i said, i haven't eaten at either of those places. we really had fun at al di la on our honeymoon, and the food was a big reason for it. and i love their eclectic little wine list.

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              Sweet place for a honeymoon meal, I think. If I'm not mistaken, Al Di La is most definitely in a different category price-wise, from Fulton Five.

              For my next trip to Charleston, I'm debating between Mercado and Sienna for my 2nd night ...first goes to Al Di La.

              1. re: danna

                sienna is awesome, but don't forget the ocean room, danna... you were looking at that too after my honeymoon post! *grin*

                1. re: HeelsSoxHound

                  You have a good memory. I really wanted to do the ocean room, but we now have a "girl possee" going down to the race, and at least two of them are completely not in the tax bracket to go to the ocean room. My foodie friend and I have debated kicking in some cash to help them out, but I have decided that would be awkward, plus, I think some people get anxious in restaurants where the food is foreign to them.

                  (I had a bad experience a couple of years ago in NY where a friend got overwhelmed by her first experience in the city and had the mother of all anxiety attacks)

                  Can you remember if Sienna was significantly less expensive than Ocean Room?