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Any decent BBQ joints Between Richmond & Charlottesville VA?

Are there any at least pretty good BBQ joints for me to stop at between the Richmond VA airport and Charlottesville? I am happy to get off the h'way and drive some miles if necessary

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  1. Do you want NC chopped, pulled pork or ribs? If it's NC, sorry, but really no. Pulled pork and ribs - two places in the Richmond area. Buz and Ned's Real BBQ (http://www.buzandneds.com/) on the Boulevard, just off I-95 - really easy to get to from the airport - you will drive right by the exit while on the way to C'ville when 64 and 95 run along together for awhile. Another really good place and just as easily reached from 64 is Grandpa Eddie's Alabama Ribs and BBQ (http://www.grandpaeddiesbbq.com/). Grandpa Eddie's is just west of Richmond, almost to Goochland. Both are very, very good, we think. Please, please do not let anyone steer you to The Smokey Pig in Ashland or Extra Billy's in Richmond. Both are extremely ordinary and not worth a stop. Have a great trip and let us know what you decide!

    1. Also the same bad news on the C'ville side of your drive. My husband and I love BBQ, but don't even bother in our hometown. The best is about 30 minutes west of town in Nellysford, near Wintergreen, the Blue Ridge Pig.

      1. Those look like two excellent tips, and I'm hard pressed to choose, but I think I'll start with Buz & Ned's as they also have an excellent craft beer selection. Maybe that shows a little extra concern. I'll report back after the trip, which is at the beginning of Oct. Thank you for the info.

        1. Grandpa Eddie's shouldn't be in the same sentence with Buz and Ned's...B&N is FAR superior. The pulled pork is good but their baby back ribs are IMO the star of the show. As is the mac and cheese. They also recently started serving hushpuppies and they are very good. The hard lemonade is hard to beat. The lemonade is homemade and then top shelf bourbon is added. I'm not a big fan of bourbon generally but love this.

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            God bless ya Janet, I have had both bbq"s and i think you are wrong.So what makes my opinion better than youres. Well nothing , except I have competed against both and had beat B&N and not G.P. Eddies. I am a certified kcbs bbq judge. I competed all over the country. Won state championship twice. finished 5th in the world in pork bbq. Have ran a very successful catering business four over 5 years. Taught bbq cooking classes and given lectures. Have cooked 5000 lbs of boston butts. and many other things including tv spots and many news papper articles.. i might know a little about bbq. Grandpa eddies is some of the Best real bbq in Richmond area. and what does mac and cheese has to do with bbq?

          2. If you are in the Petersburg, Va area ( 30 min S of Richmond on I-95) make sure you go to KINGS BBQ on Crater Rd.

            Locally owned and operated for about 50 yrs-
            wonderful chopped or sliced outside cut Pork-
            THE BEST onion rings ever
            and FABULOUS homemade APPLE PIE...

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              I agree that King's has excellent BBQ. I work near there and we used to have lunch there three or four times a month. We always had good friendly service and were recognized and treated as regulars. One day, we brought a business associate who happened to be an African-American with us. The service was very frosty and we were made to feel extremely unwelcome. There were six of us and we all felt the same way about the treatment (we had a hard time getting seated, getting our order taken and food and drinks were fairly well dropped on the table). To be honest, I was stunned by this since I believed that this kind of thing simply didn't happen any more. This was about two years ago and I will never return.

            2. Charlottesville has a funky little place called Jinx's Pit Stop BBQ on East Market Street. May not be central VA's best bbq (haven't tried the Nellysford pit), but it's sure the best option in Cville. It's a one-man operation with a pit in the backyard, and the guy is super accommodating and nice. The whole place is decorated with vintage cola signs and paraphernalia.

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                try Hickory Hill south on 29 of cville. George Spry make some decent bbq.

              2. Not sure why a 2006 thread has been bumped to the top. A real mystery-- but if we're back on the subject of Richmond barbecue after the recent discussion in another thread apparently caused heavy moderator editing, let me offer a few suggestions. And as a side note, because you have widened the net to include Charlottesville, let me cast another vote for Jinx's on Market St. (although if you like slaw on your pulled pork sandwich, you might receive the owner's opinion on the subject). In Richmond, the best option is Benny's on Forest Hill Avenue (I-64 W to Powhite Parkway, Powhite to Forest Hill Avenue, right on Forest Hill, Benny's is in the outparcel for the Stratford Hills Shopping Center approx. 1 mile down on the right). Virginia Barbecue in Lakeside is a close second (I-64 W to I-95 N to Brook Road, right on Brook Road, Left on Hilliard, Left on Lakeside, Virginia Barbecue is in a small strip mall on the right).

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                  I haven't had Benny's in a long time - that was good bbq! I still like PQ's BBQ (Coalfield and Midlothian Turnpike in Midlothian) best for their NC style Q - they've also got great brunswick stew and hush puppies. Extra Billy's isn't bad, they just have too much of a 'chain' feel.

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                    i haven't had some of those but i still like (in addition to buz & ned's), td's. it's a dive but it's good. imho buz & ned has better ribs but i prefer td's pulled pork. buz & ned's has awesome collards but only td's has green beans - so i just alternate! :)

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                      Bill, is Jinx still operating? I loved his food too, but he never seems to be there, even when I try to call ahead.

                    2. Another updated: Grandpa Eddie's has moved closer in and is now located at 11129 Three Chopt Road. Still decently close to I-64 access. I recently went there for the first time and really enjoyed their dry rub ribs. Best dry rub I've had in this area, not that there are many places to get dry rub.

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                        i agree. the ribs and pork and the smoked wings are great at grandpa eddies. have to say i don't like the sides but...
                        they are indeed just sides!