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Sep 17, 2006 06:45 PM

Birthday Dinner for 4 Tomorrow on Westside

Was gonna do Violet -- we are bringing our two daughters who are 9 and 6, so nothing too fancy or outre (at this point, "fancy" to them means filet mignon). But Violet is closed Mondays; Joe's is too cramped; Jiraffe's food too complex.

Our youngest has a tendency to get up and walk around the table in search of an open and willing lap; neither of them eat very much either. We just were at Ocean Ave seafood for in-law's anniversary dinner and that worked out well (though the food and service have gone downhill).

Suggestions? Is Nook "nice" enough for a birthday dinner? Would 2117 be a good choice (I've only been there for lunch)?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I went to a birthday dinner at ICugini a couple weeks back, and a couple brought their children (5 and 1 year old). We sat on the outside patio, and it was fine and gorgeous. The dad even took the 1 year old to walk around.

    The restaurant also has a children's menu, with pizza, spaghetti, etc. The pizzas are generally smaller than the ones on the adult menu, and you can special order the spaghetti the way the kids like it (i.e. the mom ordered only butter for her daughter's).

    Happy Birthday!

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      I Cugini is one of the few "nice" restaurants that is kid-friendly. I always recommend it to people with children -- we have gone there for a number of special occasion family dinners in the past for precisely that reason -- wanted to try something new this time with the kiddies. Their kids' menu is excellent though.

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        Hm...what about Palomino, in Westwood? It also has a kids' menu. I don't think it will be too crowded on a Monday night:

        Bonus is that if the kids like sweets, there's nearby DiDi Reese Cookies.

        I guess the other restaurants bordering, or close to, Ocean Ave. are options. One Pico, Cezanne, Il Forniao are fairly family friendly for a Monday evening.

    2. My first thought was I Cugini.

      I assume Houston's in Santa Monica isn't "nice enough."

      Bandera might be a little loud, but not as bad on Mondays.

      That new place Enzo and Angela on Wilshire at Barrington.

      Jack Spratt.

      Is Sisley too mainstream/chainy?

      1. I think your daughters are old enough for Gyu Kaku. I am thinking the one in WLA, but I understand the BH location has more space. Don't know, been happy with WLA. I have seen some young ones there, and been there with some young ones. Now, it is a bit of work, and you would have to help them do the cooking! And they can get simple chicken or meat, and you and your husband can get more exotic or interesting things. One child I was with ordered three, yes three, plates of chicken and several bowls of plain white rice! He was in heaven! And to finish, they have s'mores, sure to be a hit. You can make a reservation, and I believe they allow two hours, more than enough. Interactive dining, and I know it isn't the most authentic Japanese BBQ, but I do enjoy it. And, they do have some US Kobe beef offerings should you want to see what it's all about.