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Nov 20, 2004 03:28 AM

Burger @ Zin Restaurant in Healdsburg

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A couple weeks ago I popped into Zin, off the plaza in Healdsburg, for a quick bite at the counter. This was an opportunity to order the hamburger that’s only available at lunch. Fresh ground daily, a no frills burger for me this time with just the standard garnishes with housemade bread and butter pickles and the slather of seasoned mayo on a beautiful buttered and toasted bun, the better to enjoy the juicy goodness of the high quality beef.

Cooked a tad more than the medium-rare I’d ordered, it was still pink in the middle and plenty moist. The expertly marked grilled surface hinted of herbes de provence that enhanced the essential beefiness. Zin’s rep for its burger is well-deserved.

I did spring for the fries supplement and these were remarkable. Made with Kennebecs, they were marvelously crunchy on the outside and the interior had a smooth, waxy texture that glided on the tongue. The day’s special was fish and chips, and I guess the fish must have been fried in the same oil, as there were occasional bits of tasty, crackly batter mixed in my “chips”. But I didn’t mind as these little crumbs were quite enjoyable, and no fishiness had infused into my food. I liked the batter enough that I’ve made a mental note to order the fish and chips in the future.

The barman and another customer were discussing a new syrah addition to the wine list. When I asked what it was and to see the label, the bottle was presented along with a complimentary taste. It turned out to be the 2002 Jake’s Fault California Shiraz. While I can’t recall the price on the list, I inferred that it would run about $7-$9 retail. With ripe blackberry fruits that jump out of the glass and soft tannins, it’s an in-you-face intense style for current gulping and enjoyment.

Hope it’s not another year before I have a meal here again – would like to try the green beans recommended by “liujaroo” next time:

Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar
344 Center Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448



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  1. My daughter's boyfriend is from Healdsburg and Zin is his favorite restaurant there.

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    1. re: Nancy Berry

      Another of Healdsburg's illustrious favorite sons.

      Zin is super. A casual spot for locals with the warmth of an open kitchen, yet nice enough that you won't feel out of place if you dress up for a special occasion. Extensive list of local wines, including nearly a page of Zinfandels (surprise!). The menu features seasonal American cooking, brought up to the present with high quality local ingredients. I noticed a couple Southwestern style entrees, might be worth checking out for those on that quest. I had been to Cortez the night before, and as I looked at Zin's lunch menu posted outside when I was trying to decide whether to step in, I saw a hanger steak sandwich and thought to myself that it was probably tastier than the small plate at Cortez for half the price. (g)



    2. Those green beans are great.

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      1. re: Tom Hall

        Hey Tom, what else have you liked at Zin?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Honestly, I have always had very good to excellent meals there. I would call it "New American" food and the dinners are usually well conceived. I generally get one of the seafood specials but I will NEVER forget those green beans...