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Sep 17, 2006 06:22 PM

Where to get Pho with Quay (Fried breadsticks)?

A bit of an obscure question, but...anyone know where you can order quay (fresh fried breadsticks) with your pho in Toronto? It's the way I was used to eating pho in Hanoi. The only place I've seen it served in Vietnamese joints here was at Pho Con Bo (Jane & Wilson). Anyone seen it anywhere else? I crave that half soggy half crunchy texture. (It's easy to find in congee places, but that's different.)

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  1. I actually recently saw them served at Pho Mi 99 at Dixie and Dundas in Mississauga, they also have three other locations (2 more in Sauga and one at Jane and Finch). I'd just assumed they were for the congee which is on their Chinese-Viet menu, now I'm curious (so much for pho being a reasonably healthy fast food meal).

    Too be honest though, the pho at two of the locations I've been to is nowhere near as good as Pho Con Bo. I find their broth way too salty, and I am a salt addict. Something tells me I will be ending up at Pho Con Bo pretty soon.