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Sep 17, 2006 05:30 PM

Queens restaurant week

Hey fellow Chowhounders,
I just read from Newsday this morning, that there's Queens Restaurant Week starting Sept. 18-21 & 25-28, 3 courses for $19.86. Can anyone recommend which restaurants are good? I don't normally eat out in Queens (except for Flushing) but I would like to give it a try.

The link for the participating restaurants:

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Thanks for the tip - I'm going to Sapori D'Ischia for some wonderful red sauce Italian and you should too! 37th Ave and 55th St in Woodside, close to the train

    1. Hmm..I wonder if the $19.86 and Queens are a coincidence..GO METS!

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      1. re: angmc

        Read the associated article. It's not a coincidence.

      2. La Fusta in Elmhurst is also good. But how can a Queens restaurant week not have one restaurant in Jackson Heights?

        1. Waters Edge Restaurant and Sapori D'Ischia are definitely worth it.

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          1. re: wallywalnuts

            Water's Edge gets a big "yuck" from me.

            1. re: danoots

              Any dish in particular? Can you elaborate?

              1. re: wallywalnuts

                I wrote about my restaurant experience there a ways back...

                It was definitely one of the strangest meals I've had in NYC. I still vividly remember the plate of smoked trout, covered in straight-from-the-bag matchstick potato chips.

          2. Rouge in Forest Hills. I believe they partake in this event.