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Sep 17, 2006 04:37 PM

grape jelly recipe?

We have a grape vine in the back yard that has a lot of small purple grapes on it, ready for harvesting. I'm pretty sure these are a variety of wine grape as seen in the photo on this page:

We aren't interested in making wine, so were thinking of making grape jelly. Does anyone have experience making grape jelly from such grapes?

Any recipes?

thanks :-)

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  1. Those look like my Concord grapes. I bookmarked this thread for ideas:

    1. My mom just made the most incredible grape jelly in the world. I'll find out what recipe she used (she's out of town right now). I know that she and her friend spent hours pushing the grapes through strainers and then cooked the grape leavings in some way and then let it sit overnight. She used syrah grapes, but I'm going to guess she used a generic grape jelly recipe

      1. If you have any elderberry bushes growing along the roadside, they amke a great addition to the jelly. Mom makes great jelly-I think it is the quality of the ingredients rather than the recipe. I think you have to adjust the sugar to your taste. We have had good luck freezing jelly after we make it.