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ISO of Chicken Soup in Bernal/Mission are

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Our house is beset by colds and I'd like to pick up a large container of chicken soup to nurse us with. Last time I got soup at El Patio, I was undone by the amount of salt. Anyone tried soups at any of the places along Mission lately and can recommend a good spot? Any nationality will do, under the circumstances.

FYI, I would prefer not Dusit, Jasmine Tea House, Pad Thai or El Patio.

Thank you!

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  1. It may be a little far, but Mel's Drive In makes excellent chicken soup from scratch. Nearest location is probably 4th & Mission.

    1. There have been a couple of posts about Roosevelt Tamale Parlor--people have reported really liking the chicken soup there.

      There is a brothy soup at Lotus Garden that a lot of people like. I imagine you've tried that soup in the past.

      Also, in that Mission Market mall (I think that's the name of the place) on the corner of Mission & 22nd, there are several restaurants, and I espied a banner yesterday advertising that pho is now available.

      1. Here is a recent report on the chicken soup at Lotus Garden (scroll down a bit for J's report).


        that would be my choice in the area.

        1. I would also recommend Lotus Garden's chicken soup. Crystal clear broth packed with flavor, fresh vegetables, excellent soup. Just had it last week.

            1. Caldo de Res at Los Jarritos (or sopa de albondigas on Tuesday) or the chicken soup at Balompie. Both will bust a cold . . or at least make you feel like living. :-) Hope everyone feels better soon!