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Sep 17, 2006 03:05 PM

Imported Red Bull In Small Brown Bottles

I stumbled across this board while looking for information on Red Bull and I have to say it seems pretty cool. Isn't the internet wonderful, a board for everything imaginable. I did a search and only found 2 year old posts on this subject without any specifics so I thought I'd try a new post.

I've been searching for the Red Bull that comes in the little brown elixir bottles in Toronto with no luck, except at this corner store but the lady won't tell me where she gets it. I train in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) three times a week and find the Red Bull gives me a good boost of energy before I train. I was buying the canned carbonated stuff at the grocery store but at $3 a can it can get pretty expensive. I saw posts on here saying you could get the Red Bull in brown bottles in Chinatown for only $1, now that's more like it. Does anyone know where I can find Red Bull in the brown bottles in Toronto? Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. this may or may not help u, but when i lived in ottawa, i used to get red bull in the small bottles with the little straw at a place called Grace Ottawa. im sure u are familliar with the brand name GRACE. u see their products in grocery stores etc. if there is a grace toronto, im sure u will find it there. good luck!

    1. Try mom and pop convenience stores. Try Asian supermarkets.

      1. Your best bet is the mom and pop convenience stores. I know of one specifically near me that carries it. It is located on Eglinton Ave W, on the South side, just a few blocks West of the Allen. Sorry I don't have a name for you, but it is right on a corner across from a gas station. I think the cross street might be Winona

        Google Maps link:

        NB - They have it behind the counter, so it is warm.

        1. Hi
          I have seen the red bull in brown bottles at the T and T supermarket. It is an asian supermarket...I have seen it most recently at the T and T and Middlefield and Steeles located in Markham. They also have a T and T at warden and steeles and I think at promenade mall...but I cannot vouch that they have it at all stores.

          1. I've bought them from a couple of the supermarkets in the Spadina Chinatown--can't remember which ones, but there are only four big ones, so you probably wouldn't be wasting your time.

            I agree: the canned carbonated ones are really too expensive.