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Sep 17, 2006 02:38 PM

Mulan - anyone been?

Chef Kee Chan of Heat fame as opened a new restaurant in Chinatown. Looks like a general asian type place. Has anyone been there? I love Heat - I'm sure that the price of Mulan is on par, so I'd like some intelligent advice before I take the plunge!

The menu looks interesting, and the website says they now have a liquor license.

Could not find any threads on this - aplogies if I missed something.


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  1. I ended up going there tonight. I thought it was delicious. It turns out that they have three tasting menu options - a four course, a seven course, and a nine course.

    I had the four-course which was only $35. The courses were as follows:

    1) Mako shark with pomegranate vinaigrette - it was served sashimi style
    2) Steamed shrimp with sesame dressing - a small salad
    3) Lion and cream cheese sauce - just what it says, served rare, with a little carrot and edamame.
    4) Black pork and crab ravioli - this is one of the entrees on the regular menu. They way it read sounded like it was a dumpling made out of pork and crab. It's actually a boneless pork chop with one crab ravioli. Delicious nevertheless.

    The portions were huge for a tasting menu. $35 was a steal, as the pork dish was the size of a normal entree! In traditional Heat style the dishes were very interesting – they were all delicious, with some more memorable than others.

    The lion was a special request which was graciously accommodated.

    Staff exceptionally friendly. Restaurant very well designed and very pretty.

    I guess it has only been open for approximately one month.

    Call for directions if driving (the Wells street address not entirely accurate). Not the most visible location. The Red Line is the best way to go as it is close to the East gate of Chinatown Plaza.

    1. They are honestly serving lion? Or lionFISH? Or seaLION?

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      1. this may sound a bit naive but are Lions an endangered species?

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