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Sep 17, 2006 02:17 PM

New Hope

Planning a trip here today and wanted to know of any really good restaurants to try! Thank you all....................

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  1. If you like Thai this place is fabulous.

    The menu is weird because it offers American, Mexican and Thai. We stuck to the Thai and had some of the best Thai dishes we've ever had.

    1. We like Triumph for lunch. Good burgers and the calamari is excellent.

      I've heard The Landing is good, but haven't been there myself.

      Across the bridge in Lambertville is Lily's on the Canal. Great food, especially their sandwiches and salads.

      1. Nice menus on all places! The wildflower menu is quite different...Mexican, Italian, and Thai?? I do like the Thai menu, though.

        1. Definitely check out the new Martines, at the foot of Ferry Street by the river in New Hope.

          (Down the street from the old Martines) a bright new yellow building.

          Brand new place, really good food. They just opened like a week ago.

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            I defintely agree that martine's is worth checking out. It is the hidden secret of New Hope. It is where all the professionals work, and all the other restaurant professionals dine. It is great. say hello to Robert Ebert, and Karen O (waitstaff member). Martine has done a wonderful job at her new place.

          2. Had a decent meal at Marsha Brown's (hangar steak, a nice malbec). Seems like that place should be a lot cooler (it's in an old church). Something about the space just doesn't seem right, but they have pretty good beef.
            Anyone been to Taste Buds?

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            1. re: JCap

              I always thought Marsha Browns looked cool from the outside, but the menu seemed pricey.

              Tastebuds used to be our favorite place for a burger back when they served lunch. It was an incredible creation, just perfect from top to bottom. And the owner/waiter was a riot. Then they stopped serving lunch and we haven't made it back. I just took a look at the menu, though, and dinner sounds tasty.

              1. re: JCap

                Tastebuds is our favorite restaurant in New Hope. I'm still mad at myself for not trying it sooner -- I've lived in New Hope for the last 8 years and found the look of the outside of the restaurant unappealing. My mistake. Finally, my husband and I tried the place and the food is FANTASTIC -- sophisticated, creative, and delicious. John the owner/waiter/manager is so friendly and a hoot. Try it -- you'll love it!