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Sep 17, 2006 01:58 PM

Sunday Night Restaurants in Birmingham, AL

Hi there, my wife and I are planning a southern excusion which will take us through Birmingham, AL in early October.

I've been reading great things about a lot of restaurants (Highlands, Hot and Hot, etc) however they're all closed on Sundays.

Unfortunately, we only have one night in Birmingham - and it's a Sunday. (We'll also be in the area for most of the day on Monday.) Does anyone have a suggestion for dinner in Birmingham on a Sunday? Ideally, we're hoping for something a little out of the ordinary; something distinctly local that we wouldn't experience in our hometown, Toronto.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I would actually suggest going to Bessemer and having supper at The Bright Star on Sunday night.

    You definitely won't regret it.

    1. If you enjoy BBQ ribs, I'd go to Dreamland BBQ ( If you have the time, make the trek over to Tuscalooosa for the original location (it's not too far of a drive), but the Birmingham gets you close enough if you can't. It's a sparse menu, but I'd recommend a rack of ribs (share for two), and banana pudding for dessert. If you like sweet tea, they have the best. I'd say if you're looking for something you can't get in Toronto, that'd be it. Distinctly southern and Alabamian.

      1. i'll second the recommendation for the bright star in bessemer. such "meat and three" cafeteria-style restaurants are deeply embedded in our food culture down here.

        but i will warn you away from dreamland. it's easily the most overrated barbeque in the country, especially the one here in birmingham. the meat is always undercooked (that is, undercooked for cartilaginous meat) and it leaves your hands smelling like bologna. yuck. better barbeque is to be had at the golden rule ( watch out for the horrible theme song on the website) or pat james' full moon. if you're going to be traveling on I-65 and are in the mood for really good barbeque, i'd recommend stopping in decatur, alabama, at big bob gibson's barbeque ( i would recommend whitt's (my personal favorite) in athens (where i grew up), but i know for a fact it's closed on sunday nights. you might also try greenbrier barbeque, located next to I-565, a spur of I-65, in madison, alabama. it's easy to find and most likely open on sunday nights.

        chez lulu (full disclosure: i work there) is open on sunday nights. it's bistro-esque and definitely not typical of southern food.

        1. Wow - these suggestions are great. Thank My wife and I will be travelling from Birmingham to Florence on the Monday we're in the area. Decatur is right on the way by the looks of it. Big Bob's will definitely be added to the agenda!

          Bright Star sounds like a good bet for Sunday night. "Meat and three" is definitely a new concept for us. One that we're very much looking forward to embracing, I should add!

          Is Pete's Famous Hotdogs any good?

          Its a drag that so many things (Civil Rights Institute, Jazz Hall of Fame, Sloss Furnaces, etc) will all be closed on the Monday when we're in Birmingham. However, that frees up some more time for eating! And, if we arrive early enough on Sunday we can at least take in the Civil Rights Museum. Apparently it's free on Sundays...

          If you guys have any suggestions for Florence, we're all ears - er - eyes.

          Thanks again for the advice. We're digging that Southern Hospitality already and we haven't even left the country yet!


          1. If you are going to be in Florence at all you have to go to Stag's in North Florence for the best burger in the entire world. It is only open for lunch but it is well worth the efforts in finding it. It is in a tiny little store that has a grill in the back. Get a bacon cheeseburger. The original store burned down last year but has been re-built and I hope that it hasn't lost the "flavor" that makes the burgers so great.
            Also go to Trowbridges for a chicken salad sandwich and chocolate malt. Delicious. It is on main street and easy to find.
            I went to college in Florence and dream of the Stag's burger and Trowbridge chicken salad.

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              I hope this isn't too late...

              I'm with Jfields in recommending Trowbridge's in Florence. They have an egg & olive sandwich there that is great - well, everything they have there is nice. It's been open since 1918 and to give you an idea of what they serve, I've got a pic of their orderboard on Flickr here:

              For a nice supper, I'd suggest Dale's.