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Sep 17, 2006 09:19 AM

enough is enough... WHATS THE BEST SUSHI IN LA??

I'm a sushi freak and being new to LA, all I hear about are the super popular and well known places that have the best sushi (Nobu, Matsuhisa, Urasawa, Katana, Koi, Geisha House) and I'm sure they are wonderful. They are also expensive no doubt (i've been to Koi - fantastic, their spicy crispy tuna roll is the best thing ive tasted and Geisha House, also good).

Please give me some help, so many options in LA I want to try all, but also want to have some guidance!! thanks

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    1. None of the places you mentioned get a lot of praise on these boards because most have more style than substance. I wouldn't order sushi at Koi, for instance.

      People mean a lot of things when they say "sushi" so if you explain what you are looking for in a sushi place (sashimi, purest nigiri, omakase, modern fusion done well, crazy rolls, cooked food, budget deals), give locations, and price ranges you'll get better suggestions.

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      1. re: JudiAU

        I could not agree more! None of those places have anything I would even remotely consider good or authentic sushi.
        For real omakase, and sashimi, go to Sasabune. It's listed in the phone book as Sushi Sasabune. It was once a hole in the wall little joint that only a lucky few knew about, but has expanded to a nice restaurant on Wilshire. Quality has amazingly stayed consistent.

        1. re: Aaron

          2nd Sasabune. For more casual, Taka-sushi on 2nd Street off Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

          1. re: Aaron

            isn't that the place with the presliced fish?

          2. re: JudiAU

            purest nigiri is what im after

            1. re: ewrohde

              sushi zo is TOPS for the hard core, straight up edomae-style nigiri. not that they serve anything else, anyway. haha.

              1. re: ewrohde

                Try the omakase lunch special at Kiriko (open for lunches only on weekdays). You'll get nice pieces of incredible nigiri (including preparations of toro and other high-end fish depending on what is freshest), a blue crab roll, soup, salad, and homemade ice cream for $29.50. If there is something you don't like, Ken will take it into account.

                1. re: ewrohde

                  if purest nigiri is what you're after, go directly to zo.

                  Sushi Zo. 9824 National Blvd Unit C Los Angeles, CA 90034 Phone: (310) 842-3977

                  they are closed on sundays.

              2. sushi freaks know sushi chefs and stay away from places simply b/c they have
                publicists. drive down to lower Orange County or up to Ventura blvd. and explore.

                i wouldn't touch anything at geisha house. Koi is almost awful. much like hotel food.
                matsuhisa is mediocre sushi in an ugly environment. you'll see celebrities and wannabes.

                this sort of mentality amazes me as much as it bothers me

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                1. re: epop

                  whoah, whoah, whoah... slow down there. matsuhisa RULES. it's not a sushi restaurant, although they do have a counter. if you ever notice, the 'celebrities' are never sitting at the sushi counter, because they're not stupid. well, ok - maybe they are stupid, but no one really thinks this is a sushi place.

                  1. re: logan

                    Haha...oh, trust me, celebrities do sit at the sushi bar. ;-)

                    But I must say I love Matsuhisa, too! And in no way because of celebrities, although I don't mind chatting it up with a hot guy. I'm always delighted by the chef's novel creations, and their conversations. Service is always sweet, too. :)

                    1. re: chica

                      if you go with the prix fixe menu, best. meal. ever. (ok ok, one of the best). and if you see pacino there, so what.

                      1. re: logan

                        the last time i ordered omakase at matsuhisa, a dish arrived consisting of raw fish drowned in olive oil with sauteed garlic slices on top.
                        the taste was reminiscent of the garlic oil (raw minced garlic mixed with cheap olive oil) served at alejo's italien restaurant in westchester.

                        it was the last time i set foot in matsuhisa

                    2. re: logan

                      i won't go back there after all the rushed bad service i've gotten. i like space and time when i go somewhere.

                      the non-sushi is fine, certainly, but i'm only referring here to people like the original poster above who says matsuhisa is a great sushi place.

                      i constantly hear about it as a sushi place. they have good PR crews behind them. so we're sort of both right

                      1. re: logan

                        whoa, whoa.... the "sushi freak" above that started these posts referred to it as a sushi place. even below Condiment says it was one of the top 3 for sushi. it is very often described as a sushi place. people at tables order plenty of sushi. i agree with you that the cooked food can be good, but for me it isn't worth the cost. + by cost i mean yes the bill is large but the greater cost is the lousy and rushed service on cramped tables that they try to stuff as much food on as quickly as possible to get you out of there. the malibu branch is totally different, in my experience.

                        it is overrated, in my book. + yes it is a sushi restaurant

                        1. re: epop

                          i agree to disagree entirely.

                    3. I know people dislike the sushi chef, but Kazu in Studio has the best omakase IMHO.

                      1. The original comment has been removed