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Sep 17, 2006 08:51 AM

Dave & Busters (what to get....any good for family dinner?) [moved from L.A. board]

We recently received some gift cards to Dave & Busters and was wondering if this is an appropriate place for a family dinner w/kids ages 1, 3 and 5.

What menu items do you recommmend? What should we avoid?

I thought this place was a singles, video game arcade, noisy, and not known for food. Please provide your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks!!

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  1. "I thought this place was a singles, video game arcade, noisy, and not known for food."

    You thought right!
    Just snack away and enjoy the games.

    1. If you can use your gift card for games for the kids you are much better off. The food is pretty bad.

      Actually, most of the games are geared for older kids/adults. I'd resell the cards on Ebay.

      1. "Dave & Busters (what to get....?)"

        As far away as possible. The noise will make you go deaf and the "food" tastes like it was microwaved by a maniac with a salt fetish.

        Hock the stuff on eBay or re-gift.


          I saw kids there at 10 p.m. but it's beyond me why parents would bring their kids somewhere that's a destination hot spot for drunken college kids who want to play arcade games while getting drunk off their rockers. We call it Chuck E. Cheese for adults.

          1. maybe i got lucky but the times that i have gone and ordered food, i was quite suprised.

            I always order off their power combo menu which includes a 10 dollar game card and an entree for eitehr 15.99 or 19.99.
            Last trip i ordered the blackened chicken pasta and my friend ordered the teriyaki sirloin steak.

            here's the menu

            just dont go expecting anything spectacular. I personally would rate them a bit higher than the chain grill joints(chili's, tgi, etc).