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Sep 17, 2006 08:36 AM

Steve's BBQ Whittier

I had dinner at the Golden Triangle, a Burmese restaurant in Whittier. Next door was Steve's BBQ. Anybody been there?

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  1. I was working in the area about a month ago and went there for its $6.99 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet (11am-2:00pm Wednesday-Friday). They had BBQ chicken, BBQ Ribs, veggies, mexican items, fresh tortillas, etc. The ribs didn't seem to be of the smoked-type, but were the kind that came with plenty of bbq sauce slathered on. I noticed that they have a more expansive $10.99 Sunday Brunch---with a live Gospel band. I found the lunch buffet to be a delicious and a colossal bargain and plan on returning again.

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    1. What kind of ribs? Baby backs? Spare? or Beef ribs?

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        I believe they were beef ribs. Their menu mentioned that they rotate items during their lunch buffet and listed Beef, Spare, and Baby Back Ribs as possibilities. When I go back I will ask if they serve other ribs and if they do so for their higher-priced Sunday Buffet ($10.99). I will post a report on CH after my second visit soon.

      2. Steve BBQ is awesome. They have live bands almost every night, jazz, blues and some mellow rock. Always good bands too, the ribs are great, the steak and lobster is is my favorite. Im not sure of the address but its on the west side of Greenleaf in uptown Whittier just south of Philadelphia st. I think im gonna call in an order right now. I know this sounds like a pitch but honestly, im just a happy satisfied customer and steve is great, he gave me some free crab legs one time with my dinner just so i could try them and they were delicious.

        1. good food, but gets kinda rowdy on the weekends, I got in a fight there about a year ago.