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Sep 17, 2006 07:43 AM

Looking for a Good Spud around LA/OC!

Back in my college days in of my favorite little hole-in-the-walls was a place called Spud Brothers. Basically, it was a food cart that served up the Best Baked Potato you can imagine, stuffed full of any mix of about 30 topping varieties. You start with a huge Baked Potato and pay for each additional topping...and for about $5, you got yourself a pretty full meal. Their little lunch cart soon became a hit...and they moved into a storefront on the edge of campus.

I was really craving that recently to the point where I was even willing to fly back up to Berkeley to experience this...but I found out they closed shop!

Anyways...I realized now, I can't find one decent place like this where I can get a custom Baked Potato. Where can I get a decent Spud...anyone???

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  1. Maybe the low carb fad did them in. I don't see any around anymore.

    1. there is a good place in monrovia- it is next to the movie theater on their main street. sorry i can't tell you more about the name, but if you went to old monrovia and asked someone i am sure you would find it easily.

      california crisp used to have this everywhere, but i haven't eaten there in a while so i don't know if they still make baked potatoes, last time it looked more like salads and stuff.

      1. hmmm...someone needs to open a little eatery like this...i think it would be a good business idea.

        so far...the best i can find is a baked potato at BJ's. The Baked Potato jazz club in LA is also decent...(great jazz by the way!).