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Sep 17, 2006 06:28 AM

best cuban food los angeles

does anyone know of a great cuban place?

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  1. Try Havana Cafe on Old River School Road in Downey. I love to go by every now and then. My favorites are the fried plantains and black beans and the desserts. Well everythings good to go. Mmmm. I'm getting hungry thinking about it.

    1. i don't know about it being the "best", but versailles on venice blvd near motor ave is a west LA staple. skip the garlic chicken and go straight for #1, roast pork - meltingly tender roasted pork in a strong lemony garlic sauce with marinated raw onion rings, white rice, black beans and sweet, gooey plantains. their prices have slowy risen a couple dollars in the past decade, but the portion size is huge and you're appetite will be quite satisfied. however, your date or SO might avoid you for the rest of the nite ;)

      they also make a good arroz con pollo and rabo encendido (oxtail stew - not as big a portion though). and if you like things spicy, there's always a full bottle of tapatio hot sauce on every table.

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        Eh, I'm just OK on Versailles. The only one that's good is on Venice and Motor, and even then it's not wonderful.

        I'm going to suggest El Criollo on Victory and Fulton in Van Nuys... the creamiest moros, the best ropa vieja, and great fish.

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        1. I thought Versailles was fun and tasty. Usually drop in on the La Cienega/Robertson area location.

          1. I agree that Versailles is awesome. Not sure about the rest of the menu, but the garlic chicken and roast pork are unbelievable.