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Sep 17, 2006 01:07 AM

Late night recs near Westin Waterfront.

Landing at Logan at 9:30 on a Saturday night, staying at the Westin on the Waterfront (Summer St.) Any late night recs for that area? Fried clams or other seafood would be a plus. Thanks!

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  1. Lucky 's Lounge serves late, I don't know if they seve seafood. They are on Congress Street

    1. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of choices where you are staying and almost all require cab/driving to get there. The Westin is pretty isolated (right now). There is an Asian restaurant next to Anthony's Pier 4 which would be within walking distance (sorry can't remember the name - Eastern something). LTK (Legal Test Kitchen) just opened in that area, but I don't know their hours.

      Late night dining in Boston is mostly in Chinatown, which by all means you should try, but it is a cab ride from your hotel. Try Peach Farm.


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        I know this will sound crazy; but your best option might be to eat at the airport. Jasper White's Summer Shack is in A...and Legal's is in a few terminals.

        Not the best in Boston; but easy. Otherwise a cab ride to Ctown like mentioned above. Westin area is pretty desolate. LTK may still be open, but I haven't been yet

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          Summer Shack is past security so you'll need a boarding pass. Legal Seafood is in Terminal C and on the public side of the terminal

          1. re: winey

            9lives is right, Legal has three locations at Logan, one in terminal C as you note and Terminal B (past security, by the gates). Finally, there is a LTK at terminal A (past security). I'd go with the LTK by the hotel.

            1. re: winey

              You're right. I should have added that SS would work if you're flying into A. I enjoy unwinding there after a flight in on Delta.

              LTK near the Westin seems to be the winner here.

          2. re: kate used to be 50

            I think LTK is in walking distance, Mapquest distance of .31 miles, and serves to midnight on Saturdays (and bar open to 1 am.) Nice space, love the large bar area, menu heavy on the seafood because it's also part of Legal's. We ate here 4-5 times this summer, and it improved on every visit. Some of our favorites were the burger with crunchy parmesan shoe-strings, fried clams (they also have a good fried clam roll on a buttery grilled split-top roll), grilled calamari with balsamic glaze (used to be served on skordalia but people complained about the "cold potatoes" and now it's served on mashed potatoes, too bad), tuna sashimi, and the Angry Lobster - skewered pieces of tempura lobster served in a mini-wok on top of rice noodles, spicy black bean sauce, and peapods. Heat level varies - be sure to ask for the Sriricha if they forget to bring the bottle. Helen makes excellent cocktails. And the warm chocolate chili cake with ginger ice cream is a nice way to end the meal.



            Map from Westin:


          3. Thanks everyone, LTK is exactly what I was looking for.

            1. Isn't the barking crab sort of nearby, or am I way off?

              1. Barking Crab is fairly close, but not very good food.