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Sep 17, 2006 12:07 AM

Who eats cow's feet?

... ok, cow's hooves ... and I mean what cultures eat them and how ... I know they are chew toys for doggies so we don't have to go there.

I know a local Bay Area restaurant that serves Carribean food serves cow foot soup. I've had Mexican beef soup with big pieces of cow's foot in it.

An Oakland market sells cow's feet ... they look nice too. What are other cow foot dishes.

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  1. Probably the same folk who eat pig's feet. I know you can curry them along with the knee "caps" until the jelly oozes out, but it's not something I'd eat.


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    1. re: TexasToast

      You know, that's probably true. I'm of Polish ancestry. Although cow's feet are not part of that cuisine, pig's feet are. I like the gelaneous texture of pigs feet, so I liked the similar texture with cow's feet.

    2. Ecuadoreans have a soup called Caldo de Pata (cow's foot soup). Hominy is another ingredient in this soup which makes it quite tasty.

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      1. re: sandrina

        Jamaican cowfoot soup is also good.

      2. Years ago I tried to duplicate a friend's grandmother's recipe- Panamanian. After bllnching the cow's feet, they were simmered till chewable with thyme, pepper, yucca chunks, of course onion & garlic, and finished with drop dumplings (the kind you drop into the stew and close lid on for 20 minutes to steam thru). I actaully grew quite fond of it- the texture was chewy/gelatinous but also very tasty.

        1. If you've eaten standard issue hot dogs, you've probably eaten cow just didn't know it or see it.

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          1. re: ML8000

            ML8000, Actually anyone whose ever enjoyed a bowl of Jello has eaten cows feet.

          2. A Jewish dish, jellied calves' feet is called petcha-my grandfather used to eat it, I never felt mooved enough to try it