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Moti Mahal menu?


Looking for some good Indian take-out tonight, and I've read the reviews that say Moti Mahal on Gerrard at Coxwell is quite good. Does anyone have a menu for them or know what is offered? Or some ideas if I make a cold call?


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  1. off the top of my head:
    - mutter paneer (peas & cheese)
    - sag paneer (spinach & cheese)
    - malai kofta (veg cheese balls in a tomato cream sauce- really good)
    - channa (chick peas)
    - alu (potato)
    - cauliflour & potato
    - okra & potato
    - mixed vegetables

    im sure if u call them they will help u out, they r very helpful

    oh ya meat dishes:
    the best "butter chicken" EVER!!!!!!
    otherwise they have regular chicken/beef/goat/fish/shrimp curry.
    thats wat i can remember maybe someone else knows any good dishes there?

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    1. re: indianchik

      Must disagree about this place, if it is the place on Elm Street.

      Not great. Expensive. Very slow but friendly service.

      The food really lacks flavour, compared to other Indian places I have tried.

      I don't think their butter chicken is anything special at all.

      And the naan is no good.

    2. Love their butter chicken.
      Didn't like the bhaji.
      Overall very good and very cheap.
      They don't deliver. Too bad.

      Also try out Lahore Tikka across the street. Best Naan.

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      1. re: Mila

        Thanks for the input! I ended up placing an order for pick-up and got the butter chicken, malai kofta, channa and rice & naan. It was all delicious ~ esp the butter chicken. I just wish they'd delivered, but we'll be back!

        Thanks again!

        1. re: cinda

          The butter chicken and malai kofta are basically in the same sauce, so it's better to get one or other, not both. Barely a week goes by that I don't have their veg thali. One of the busiest, most consistent places in India Town.

      2. No, this place is not on Elm Street. Moti Mahal is on the north side of Gerrard. The place is great. In addition to all the previously mentioned dishes, I love the masala dosa. Truly the best butter chicken ever..not the insipid yellow coconutty butter chicken - but the gorgeous, red butter chicken. Lovely.

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        1. re: jlendrum

          where did you have butter chicken with coconut in it? I've never seen that. It must have been some other dish.

        2. I think this place is fabulous...
          inexpensive... get the veggie thaali, you can't screw up at that price... just remember that it isn't opened on Tuesdays though.

          1. Samosas! No one has mentioned theirs and I am addicted. Moti Mahal has the best, flaky pastry with delicate filling. Two makes a mea but try to stop. BTW they are closed Tuesdays.

            1. I was driving on Woodbine and saw Moti Mahal? Is this another location. Do they have dinner buffet?

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              1. re: red dragon

                I believe they are the same owners (logo is the same), but they are entirely different restaurants. The one on woodbine is a buffet. They can cook truly amazing food (we did our wedding reception there, best kebabs of my life), but sadly the buffet while good has never lived up to the quality we had for our reception.
                The Gerrard Moti Mahal is totally different as it is a little fast food place, and the food has always been consistently cheap and top notch in flavor in the 10 years or so that I have been frequenting it.
                In regards to your other post, if you didn't like Host, give them a try. You didn't list what you disliked about Host, and I haven't been there so I can't speak to how different it is, but from what I do know of host, it is cheaper and the atmosphere is more casual. I would say you would have a better meal with your friend though if you dropped the idea of a buffet and hit Mistaan's that I recommended to you for Naan in another post. They may be lacking in atmosphere, but their food is top notch and a steal. I would go so far as to consider them the north end equivalent of the Gerrard st Moti Mahal.

                1. re: elrik

                  The one on Woodbine is a franchise.

                  1. re: elrik

                    Hi elrik,
                    I posted about The Host on a separate subject. I have been to Mistaan several times and posted a reply to you on that subject as well. Was there last weekend for the non-veg thali, which was good, but the portion was tiny for 7.99. The samosas are indeed very good.

                  2. re: red dragon

                    This location is "under new management". Dinner buffet is only on Friday and Saturday nights. It's now AWFUL. The butter chicken sauce is more a rosé colour than the bright orangey red and completely bland. Had take out a few weeks ago and had to throw it out after only a bite.

                    If you're up in Scarborough/Markham, better to stick with their take out location at Weybright (Midland/Sheppard). Consistently good.

                    1. re: fk500

                      There is a Host location at Sheppard and Midland? Is it in the plaza near the new Asian Legend (where Swiss Chalet used to be)?

                      1. re: red dragon

                        Sorry, I was talking about Moti Mahal. There are 3 locations that I know of: Coxwell/Gerrard, Woodbine/14th and Midland/south of Sheppard.

                        The Moti Mahal at Woodbine/14th is now terrible. Even their regular menu isn't any better. For Indian buffets now, I go to Saagar at Markham/14th.

                        1. re: fk500

                          Thanks for the feedback. I went to Saagar (by the Loblaws on Bullock Drive) once before. I walked in and the place was empty and the service was god awful. I can't recall the time now but hopefully the service is better when the place is busy.

                          1. re: fk500

                            Hi fk500

                            I tried to edit my post below about Saagar but couldn't. I got it mixed up with Saagar (I think it's spelled similar) on Bullock Drive (near Loblaws Hwy 7/McCowan).

                            I know which Saagar you are talking about now. It's in the Boston Pizza plaza on Markham Road. Would love to give it a try for their lunch buffet.

                            Can you tell me what items are on the buffet (I read elsewhere this is no butter chicken).


                    2. It's my fav take-out place in the Gerrard India Bazaar strip. I have a copy of their take-out menu from some time ago. I've noticed the prices have gone up a little for everything in the restaurant. Old menu list veggie samosa for $0.60 and meat samosa for $0.80. New prices are now: veggie samosa $0.70 and meat samosa $0.85.

                      Still eat there all the time, but I'll always complain if INFLATION hits my fav place!!!

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                      1. re: YummyYummy

                        I've been eating at the Gerrard location constantly since 1985. It ain't high end, but it's very consistent and prices were the same forever, although they've gone up a bit lately.
                        I just go for the veg thali with the mali kofta. It I'm hungry I've have parantha instead of nan. The chaat papri and butter chicken are excellent.
                        There's a reason that place is always busy when others are empty. They also seems to get a lot of Indians visiting from out of town.