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Sep 16, 2006 11:12 PM

Best pizza delivery in Bella Vista?

Hello all,
What is your favorite pizza delivery place that will go to Bella Vista? I've tried some but nothing amazing yet.
Thank you.

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  1. why doesn't marra's deliver? hurrumph.

    best pizza delivered to me has been Paolo's at 13th and Pine - think they'd go to you ? Call em up and ask.

    Hit or miss delivery to you could be Gianfranco at Broad and ____ something. But they've been inconsistent at best. When its good, its oh so good.

    I think that the Pietro's at 2nd and South delivers - you cld ask them.

    1. we usually go with franco and luigi's at 12th below dickenson, they usually have a 2 pizza special; if you like the greek style pizza, pine street pizza delivers.

      marra's on passyunk also delivers and has a decent pizza.

      1. Franco and Luigi's is our fave! And if you like brocolli rabe, they have some of the best around, but you need to call before 8 ish...they usually run out.

        1. Napoli makes a good square pie (not to be confused with sicilian pie).